1. Krissi and Boomer

    Krissi and Boomer

  2. Surprise!


    Boomer being a good boy.
  3. Boomers Window

    Boomers Window

    Here is Boomer In his favorite spot!!!!!!!!
  4. Boomer's favorite place

    Boomer's favorite place

    If Boomer could be anywhere, I'm sure he'd choose to be living in the car most of the time.
  5. Sepia Boomer

    Sepia Boomer

    A close-up of Boomer with a sepia filter
  6. Boomer reporting for duty

    Boomer reporting for duty

    Now, if I can just get untangled from these lights, I'll be ready to help Santa Claws.
  7. Ta da!  It's Neon Boomer!

    Ta da! It's Neon Boomer!

    "Geez, I feel like I should be hanging on a wall in a pub."
  8. Boomer


    Really he did fall asleep with his toy in his mouth....
  9. Boomer


    This is boomer in his favorite spot...