1. Watching TV Together

    Watching TV Together

    Clyde, Bonnie and Anthony all vegging in front of the TV.
  2. Bonnie after toe surgery

    Bonnie after toe surgery

    Here is bonnie after she had toe surgery. Look at my pretty pink bandage.
  3. All trying to fit into their new bed. I guess I have to buy a bigger one.
  4. My three kids

    My three kids

    These are my three kids, Bonnie, Clyde and Chester
  5. Angry Bonnie

    Angry Bonnie

    Here is my girl who always looks angry.
  6. Lazy Days

    Lazy Days

    Bonnie & Clyde being lazy after a day of play.
  7. Bonnie dreaming of biting Clyde

    Bonnie dreaming of biting Clyde

    Here is Bonnie dreaming of biting Clyde for all of the bullying that he does.
  8. I love my cage when I'm Tired

    I love my cage when I'm Tired

    Here is one of the only times when Bonnie voluntarily goes into her cage...when she's tired.
  9. Sweetest girl

    Sweetest girl

    My little girl sleeping (dreaming about dinner time)
  10. My kids

    My kids

    These are my kids doing what they do best, playing.
  11. Bonnie girl

    Bonnie girl

    Bonnie does not like being photographed. She is cute though.
  12. Bonnie


    This is baby Bonnie at the breeders house on the day we took her home.