1. Innocent isn't he?

    Innocent isn't he?

    A tired puppy is a good puppy. This is jersey at 4 months old.
  2. Sleepy girl

    Sleepy girl

    She loves mamma's chenille blankie.
  3. Lara napping in the sun.

    Lara napping in the sun.

    Aren't they precious when they're sleeping?
  4. Wookie's favorite blankie

    Wookie's favorite blankie

    Wookie curled and covered in her favorite blanket.
  5. Brandi under blanket

    Brandi under blanket

    Brandi in her usual position
  6. Stella discovers sticks

    Stella discovers sticks

  7. Like father, like son

    Like father, like son

    Chewy was really interested in what was on the screen of my husband's computer.
  8. Our Chewy and his teddy bear

    Our Chewy and his teddy bear

    We got him that bear when he was 8 weeks old. It's been sown about four times. He really loves that bear!
  9. Sleepy Stella

    Sleepy Stella

    This is our little Stella at 7 weeks, the weekend we brought her home.
  10. Stella in her blanket

    Stella in her blanket

    This is our Stella at 7 weeks, the day we brought her home.
  11. Sleepy Time

    Sleepy Time

    Duchess and I had nappy time. (I was at the other end of the sofa.) Doesn't she look cozy?