1. Good Dog featuring Lara the Beautiful

    Good Dog featuring Lara the Beautiful

    Here's Miss Lara snuggled in between the photo words 'Good Dog'. And she is!
  2. mmm I wub shoes...

    mmm I wub shoes...

    This is oscars first love.. Shoes!
  3. Lara looking up

    Lara looking up

    Lara's 'watch me' command came in handy for this photo.
  4. Lara close up

    Lara close up

    Lara waits so patiently while being little supermodel!
  5. Wilson's portrait

    Wilson's portrait

    A portrait of our special boy. We love you Wilson!
  6. Wilson having a think.

    Wilson having a think.

    Wilson looking thoughtful...and gorgeous! I think this is my favourite photo of him.
  7. My Pride & Joy!

    My Pride & Joy!

    Alert & beautiful relaxing on a Sunday afternoon.
  8. Another Picture?!

    Another Picture?!

  9. Sniffin around looking for cows

    Sniffin around looking for cows

  10. Don't  I look ssooo innocent?

    Don't I look ssooo innocent?

  11. Hello World!

    Hello World!

    BigBoy's debut on BoxerWorld
  12. Cute Baby Drake

    Cute Baby Drake

    How can anyone resist this face?
  13. Hangin' with pops

    Hangin' with pops

    Pepper hangin' with her pops'. Obviously been there a while - look at all the boxer hairs on his shirt!
  14. Oscar the Grouch

    Oscar the Grouch

    This is a picture of my 18 pound cat named Oscar. I call him Grouchy - it fits!
  15. Nika at 5 months

    Nika at 5 months

  16. Mollie


    Okay, I just can't get enough of my girls. so they are getting really used to me with the camera..sad i know
  17. Happy Ending

    Happy Ending

    This is the picture that started it all.
  18. The pup and I

    The pup and I

    Here we are up on the Blue Ridge Parkway after a day of hiking. That is one happy dog!
  19. Stealing the kitties' bed!

    Stealing the kitties' bed!

    Here's Harney before he got his own bed. He just couldn't stand sleeping on the floor! When he finally did get a bed he only got off it to eat drink or pee for two whole weeks -- and he was a puppy then -- only 4 months old when I rescued him.
  20. Harney & Me

    Harney & Me