1. But mum.... can i please have my rope?

    But mum.... can i please have my rope?

    hehe i had her rope.... awwww i was just playin!
  2. Shelby and Angus

    Shelby and Angus

    This is shelby at nearly 10 months old - and our new baby angus! at about 9 weeks ;)
  3. Ronin Sunbeam Stacked

    Ronin Sunbeam Stacked

    Thought i'd put in a stacked photo to show that Memphis isnt just another pretty face. She is just 13 months old in this photo.
  4. Ronin Sunbeam

    Ronin Sunbeam

    This is Memphis at 11 months old, she is my first homebred bitch and is coming on well in the show ring.
  5. after a hard days work

    after a hard days work

    seriously though, the girls had just got back from the vets after being de-sexed and were in need of some loving and cuddling, slept with them all night.aaaahhh!!!
  6. going to the beach

    going to the beach

    check out the new harnesses and zinc noses...
  7. camping out

    camping out

    didn't quite make it to their kennel....
  8. oh so comfy

    oh so comfy

    is that really comfy.....
  9. mmmmm roast cockateil

    mmmmm roast cockateil

    first meeting with the cockateils, notice the drool...
  10. two sleepy heads

    two sleepy heads

    after a tiring day at the beach
  11. a day at the creek

    a day at the creek

    not as much fun as the beach
  12. who loves daddy

    who loves daddy

    getting even more affectionate
  13. cuddle time

    cuddle time

    they sleep like this alot, it is not set up.
  14. where you wheely bin

    where you wheely bin

    hide and seek in the wheely bin
  15. keysha where are you

    keysha where are you

    mitzi using keysha as a bean bag, and still does!
  16. where are we?

    where are we?

    first time at the beach
  17. who dat up dere

    who dat up dere

  18. sleeping beauties

    sleeping beauties

    the title says it all
  19. cardboard city

    cardboard city

    the days when a cardboard box was enough for them to sleep in....
  20. Keysha & Mitzi

    Keysha & Mitzi

    6 month old sisters, Keysha & Mitzi(brown patch)