1. On his back

    On his back

    This is unusual for Woody, he often has his head on the pillow. He usually lays on my side of the bed.


    Dad, we need a bigger what Mom, you and us sleep in at night.........Please
  3. Everyone is ignoring me

    Everyone is ignoring me

  4. It's MY bed now!

    It's MY bed now!

    We came home to Roxy just chillin on the bed. I think our boxers spend more time on it then we do!
  5. In bed with mommy

    In bed with mommy

    This was her first nap in bed with mom. Such a little person.
  6. Angel and Ali in love!

    Angel and Ali in love!

    Angel fawn 10mths with her faverite guy Ali 15 wks
  7. Sleeping Buffy Head

    Sleeping Buffy Head

    This is our rescue Buffie who as you can tell, has no problem fitting in and being comfortable in this house!
  8. I wanna sleep right here Mom!

    I wanna sleep right here Mom!

    Taken 1 year ago, Jessica and Xena are best friends forever!
  9. Buster on the bed

    Buster on the bed

    Buster-"I won't get off the bed FORGET IT"
  10. Who's bed is it anyway?

    Who's bed is it anyway?

    Mishka and Loki share a bed
  11. Let sleeping dogs lie!

    Let sleeping dogs lie!

    (Pete might kill me for this one..but they are all very happy!)
  12. Hide and Seek

    Hide and Seek

    Molly and my daughter love to play hide and seek
  13. Plumb tuckered out

    Plumb tuckered out

    He's sleeping on Dad's sweater in his new bed.
  14. Me & My Bed

    Me & My Bed

    This is the first week. We are using the pillow to gauge his growth. He has already doubled in size.
  15. bed hog

    bed hog

    Baby loves to sleep on my bed. Though I usually don't mind, I wake up many times very cold and she is snoring away
  16. bedtime


    Dewey's sleepy
  17. I had a tough day!!

    I had a tough day!!

  18. Tuppence sitting on MY bed

    Tuppence sitting on MY bed

    Here she is sitting on my bed. She has gotten so much bigger hasnt she!
  19. I'm so pitiful!

    I'm so pitiful!

    Look at that pitiful face!
  20. Like father, like son

    Like father, like son

    Chewy was really interested in what was on the screen of my husband's computer.