1. Serious Derek and Bear

    Serious Derek and Bear

    Derek and Bear share a serious moment.
  2. Duncan and Bear

    Duncan and Bear

    A British shorthair and a Boxer make friends :)
  3. My Boxer Bear

    My Boxer Bear

    This is bear, he died 2 months ago cause he ran out in the street and got hit.....He was a inside dog and was the best friend I had. I have have another one now and he is a brindle.....13 weeks old...will put more pics up of him.
  4. Bella & Bear

    Bella & Bear

    Bella and Bear
  5. Chair Bear

    Chair Bear

    Bear, taking up the chair. Enjoying the comforts of home.
  6. Bear looking upward

    Bear looking upward

    Bear, my "squirrel hound"...looking up the tree for the squirrel he just missed!
  7. Parker and Bear Nov 2002

    Parker and Bear Nov 2002

    Taken in our backyard this month.
  8. Our Chewy and his teddy bear

    Our Chewy and his teddy bear

    We got him that bear when he was 8 weeks old. It's been sown about four times. He really loves that bear!
  9. Bear and Parker

    Bear and Parker

    Bear is 13 weeks old in this picture.
  10. Parker and Bear

    Parker and Bear

    My dogs...always together :)
  11. Parker and Bear

    Parker and Bear

    My happy boxers!
  12. Posing Boxers

    Posing Boxers

    Hey Bear...Dad wants us to pose!
  13. My fur babies

    My fur babies

    New best friends :)
  14. Bear and Piggy 2

    Bear and Piggy 2

    Bear enjoying his new little piggy.
  15. Ultra-flashy fawn!

    Ultra-flashy fawn!

    Last picture I have. I keep buggin' for new pics all the time! lol! Soon...I'LL be the one taking the pics! Cindy W.
  16. Splash of White!

    Splash of White!

    Picture #2 taken today!
  17. Bear 2/26/02

    Bear 2/26/02

    Pictures taken of Bear today. Cindy W.
  18. Bear pic 3

    Bear pic 3

    Another pic of the cutie pie...I can't wait for March 2nd!!!
  19. Bear pic 2

    Bear pic 2

    Bear--coming soon...March 2nd!