1. Bring The Hose Back!

    Bring The Hose Back!

    Delilah, wet from the neck down, intently watching for the hose to come back (mom had it on the other side of the fence). She loves it!
  2. Lexi @ 11wks old

    Lexi @ 11wks old

    Lexi is wating to play.
  3. Harley's ball

    Harley's ball

  4. sexy Jake

    sexy Jake

    Jake likes to lay on top and look out the front window.
  5. Millie on Buster's Back

    Millie on Buster's Back

    Millie climbs on Buster's back for elevation when ther are treats going! She would hate to be missed out!
  6. Porter & Libby

    Porter & Libby

    "Hey Where ya going?"
  7. the rough life

    the rough life

    Not a care in the world. This is the life!!
  8. tickle my tummy

    tickle my tummy

    One of Molly's favourite positions - waiting for a tummy rub