1. Gavin & Nala

    Gavin & Nala

  2. Tulley's first night home

    Tulley's first night home

    Rescued baby Tulley's first night home.
  3. Yuk Dog 2

    Yuk Dog 2

    This is my Sassys boy Yuk from the side...He was stolen and gone for 3 mths and i had just gotten him back....1998
  4. Yuk Dog

    Yuk Dog

    Yuk Dog whos name actually started out as Lucky dog but one of my nieces couldnt say Lucky and it came out Yucky so he got stuck with Yuk
  5. BIT BIT


    This is Bit Bit(short for Sassys Little B****)so the kids dont get in trouble for saying her name....LOL
  6. Sassy's last night at home 11-26-01

    Sassy's last night at home 11-26-01

    My angel, it's been almost 7 mths and the tears still come, and my heart still aches...You are my heart..
  7. Annie and her bed Buddie T.J.

    Annie and her bed Buddie T.J.

    Annie age 3 mths. and my skin baby(her bed buddy)Tyler age 12...
  8. Little Orphan Annie

    Little Orphan Annie

    This is Annie, my newest addittion to the family..she was the runt of the litter from my Yuk Dog and Baby...she got her name because she has a sad face...but she is a beauty..She gets that from her grandma Sassy....