1. sorayalj

    5yo boxer growling at baby

    hi all, would appreciate some feedback Our 5 yo female boxer has always had a personality. If she's asleep on the couch and my husband or I try to use her as a pillow she growls and gets up to go somewhere else. We also have a 3 yo female boxer and they have never cuddled (cuz of the 5yo's...
  2. Mr Handsome at 5 months old

    Mr Handsome at 5 months old

  3. Church at 5 months

    Church at 5 months

  4. Big Baby Samson

    Big Baby Samson

    I am just a dog??? No, I am a big boxer baby!
  5. Hugs for Duchess

    Hugs for Duchess

    My nephew, Jayden, loves Duchess and Duchess loves her. He spent the day with us recently, and I got some adorable pics of the two together. She is SO GOOD with kids!
  6. new baby

    new baby

    Layla's little brother
  7. new baby

    new baby

    This is Layla's new brother.
  8. Church chewing!!!

    Church chewing!!!

  9. Me and Baby Gunner cuddling

    Me and Baby Gunner cuddling

    Not my fav or me, but my most fav or Gunner when he was a baby, snoozing with Mom.
  10. Sleepy Fur & Skin babies

    Sleepy Fur & Skin babies

    Our daughter Kate and Grandbaby Shyann, with Gunner when both were smaller.
  11. I'm a baby Delilah

    I'm a baby Delilah

    Picture of Delilah from breeder. About 4 weeks old.
  12. Proud new mommy

    Proud new mommy

    Baby Joey at 6 weeks
  13. Sadie Close-up

    Sadie Close-up

    Sadie up close and personal
  14. Sadie Bear

    Sadie Bear

    This is Sadie standing around in the kitchen...
  15. Rudy and his new brother

    Rudy and his new brother

    We know Rudy loves his new little brother :)
  16. Church Sleeping

    Church Sleeping

  17. Adorable Little Church

    Adorable Little Church

  18. Church trying to hide!!!!!

    Church trying to hide!!!!!

  19. Laying out on a Sunny day in Wa!!

    Laying out on a Sunny day in Wa!!

  20. Jake


    Oops Unc should leave his hat out