1. what's this little thing

    what's this little thing

    Checking out the new baby, meet our first grandson, Ryne Allen Eby
  2. Xani and Lennox

    Xani and Lennox

    Alexandra (9 months), Lennox (3 years old)
  3. My 5 Babies

    My 5 Babies

    This is a picture of my beauties, Hickey,Snowy,Maximus(daddy),Eeka and Baby(mommy)
  4. Our Babies

    Our Babies

    Samson and Delilah...napping together. 3 and 6 months old.
  5. Sadie and her baby brother

    Sadie and her baby brother

    Does Sadie love her new brother or does she just tolerate him? We'll never know ;)
  6. Sadie, Rudy and their new brother Cameron

    Sadie, Rudy and their new brother Cameron

    Sadie and Rudy welcome their new brother Cameron. Sadie 2/1997 Rudy 11/2001 Cameron 11/2002
  7. Adrianne and Rocco

    Adrianne and Rocco

  8. Santana & Charlotte

    Santana & Charlotte

    Best Friends!
  9. Gimme a Kiss!

    Gimme a Kiss!

    Look at that face!
  10. Boomer and Angel

    Boomer and Angel

  11. Sleeping Angels

    Sleeping Angels

    We always share!
  12. dog bed babies

    dog bed babies

    Scout & Sienna sharing a bed even though they have 2!
  13. Taz, Maggie & Seger

    Taz, Maggie & Seger

    Maggie - Bottom Left Taz - Top Left Seger - Right
  14. Zeus & Sampson

    Zeus & Sampson

    This is my 2 year old Sampson and my 8 week old Zeus. I think they are going to be buddies.
  15. all my babies (2001)

    all my babies (2001)

    Chynna (7), Niko (5), & Sami (4) .. Niko loves laying like this, so we put all three down on a blanket that looks like water :)
  16. 1-13-02


    They just luvvvvv Caesar
  17. 1-12-02


    First day with new babies
  18. Alex and her kids

    Alex and her kids

    It was hard to get Alex to sit still and not lick in this pic!!