1. Ash & Justin share a Sucker

    Ash & Justin share a Sucker

    Ash & Aimee's son Justin sharing a sucker together. Isnt that sweet?
  2. Ash and the Cat

    Ash and the Cat

    This is a picture of Ash while at Aimee's house when I was out of town. I think he had a blast don't you?
  3. Ash


    Leave me alone I'm trying to sleep!
  4. Ash


    Dog Tired!!
  5. Ash


    Here is Ash
  6. Upside down

    Upside down

    This is Ash playing. I just happen to catch him at a perfect moment.
  7. Ash


    Here he is again with his x-mas tree.
  8. Ash and the Tree

    Ash and the Tree

    This is Ash and his x-mas tree.