1. Totally worn out.

    Totally worn out.

    After a big weekend.
  2. Check out the Ears.

    Check out the Ears.

    What Ali would look like with cropped ears.
  3. Ali


    here is our photogenic 4 month old (Ali)
  4. And who are you?

    And who are you?

  5. Bone Time!!

    Bone Time!!

  6. Where are we going?

    Where are we going?

  7. Dad wanted a cute pic of me!!

    Dad wanted a cute pic of me!!

  8. On the Couch, with Mum!!

    On the Couch, with Mum!!

  9. Tired Ali!!

    Tired Ali!!

  10. Bath Time!!

    Bath Time!!

  11. Ali Shaking It!!

    Ali Shaking It!!

  12. After A Bath!!

    After A Bath!!

  13. Ali In The Grass

    Ali In The Grass

  14. Ali in Action

    Ali in Action

  15. Ali & Eric's 'Run'

    Ali & Eric's 'Run'

  16. Such A Lady!!!

    Such A Lady!!!

  17. Who's The Boss?

    Who's The Boss?

  18. Eric On Top...LOL

    Eric On Top...LOL

  19. Cuddles


  20. Best Friends

    Best Friends