1. Dog Tired

    Dog Tired

    Domino&Boo all tuckered out after playing at Boo's hose.
  2. Let's play some Ball!

    Let's play some Ball!

    Here is Domino being silly again trying to stuff a huge baseball in his mouth and playing keep away from Jimbo&mommmy!
  3. Master TAZ

    Master TAZ

    Master TAZ loves to have his picture made and he loves to be outside when it is not too hot. TAZ is a lover, he kisses everyone he sees!!!
  4. Come get me!!!

    Come get me!!!

    This is Domino playing with my son they play the "tag your it" game alot!
  5. Afternoon Nap time!

    Afternoon Nap time!

    Mom,Domino and chance snoozing on a lazy Sunday.
  6. Getting into trouble :-)

    Getting into trouble :-)

    Here is Domino playing the "come get me.... I dare ya" pose. He loves the thrill of a chase!!!
  7. Chillin in the family pool!

    Chillin in the family pool!

    This is our baby Domino playing in the pool. I swear he was born to swiming the water!!!!
  8. Heart 2 Heart talk

    Heart 2 Heart talk

    This is our baby Domino of course this is when he was 8 weeks old. Turkey day in 1999.