1. Vegas @ 8 Weeks

    Vegas @ 8 Weeks

    The morning we picked him up.
  2. Chillin'


    Lola sitting with first toy
  3. oh boy...a horsie!

    oh boy...a horsie!

    This is just another example of Xena's love and patience for skin-babies (especially her bestest friend Jessica!)
  4. Petie


    Here is Petie with his favorite blaket.
  5. Introducing LUKE

    Introducing LUKE

  6. Baby Bella

    Baby Bella

    Our first picture of Bella
  7. Rusty at 8 months

    Rusty at 8 months

    Rusty at 8 months
  8. Lucius & Bear

    Lucius & Bear

    Lucius meets Bear ..King of the Kitty Condo :)I dont think Bear was as pleased to meet Lucius
  9. Ben


    Here is Ben at 8 weeks old.
  10. Duchess, my baby !

    Duchess, my baby !

  11. Hello.....I'm Bruno!!!

    Hello.....I'm Bruno!!!



    at the beach
  13. Tiny Thor

    Tiny Thor

    8 week old Thor with his new big brother Bailey
  14. Weizen 8 weeks old

    Weizen 8 weeks old

    This is our baby Hefenweizen, we call him Weizen for short.
  15. Weizen sleeping

    Weizen sleeping

    This is our baby Hefenweizen, Weizen for short, taking a nap after his "puppy crazies"
  16. Loki - 8 weeks old

    Loki - 8 weeks old

    Loki's first day home - July 22, 2000
  17. A Closeup of Homer

    A Closeup of Homer

    A closeup of Homer at eight weeks old ... looking very guilty I might add!
  18. Homer at 8 weels old

    Homer at 8 weels old

    This is Homer at 8 weeks of age.
  19. Alex


    Alex relaxing by the computer desk!!
  20. Bubba's first portrait!

    Bubba's first portrait!

    We have had Bubba a week now and he has already locked up a place in our hearts. This is his picture at 8 weeks.