1. Dodger (runt of the litter)

    Dodger (runt of the litter)

  2. Gazou 7 weeks

    Gazou 7 weeks

    Gazou at 7 weeks
  3. Vegas @ 7 months

    Vegas @ 7 months

    Getting so big!!!
  4. My Growing Boy!

    My Growing Boy!

    Coal at 7 months.
  5. nice job

    nice job

    The biggest in the litter, he is a handfull.
  6. 1st Show

    1st Show

    Jaegers 1st Show Gets best pup in breed,winners dog&Best opp.sex.
  7. Jaeger 17 weeks

    Jaeger 17 weeks

  8. Dolly @ 7weeks

    Dolly @ 7weeks

    This was our first visit with the new baby at the breeders. We got to take her homw about 2 weeks later!
  9. Staring into space!

    Staring into space!

    Just staring into space. Lucy at 7 months.
  10. So peaceful

    So peaceful

    So peaceful when she's resting. Lucy at 7 months.
  11. Comfy!


    Kinda hard to see Lucy(boxer) here cause Baxter(pug) decided he wanted to lay on top of her.
  12. EARS


    And we didn't even have to do anything to get those ears to do that.
  13. Angel on my shoulder????

    Angel on my shoulder????

    My chloe at 7 mo. old, I wonder when they ever seem to run out of energy?
  14. Lexiss at 7 weeks

    Lexiss at 7 weeks

    fawn and white boxer
  15. Our Proffesional Photo

    Our Proffesional Photo

    This is the picture taken at the proffesional studio. My bulldog was NOT ammused, but my boxers ears stood the WHOLE time .... hehehe....


    ROCKY ON ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. BIG MOUTH!! .. Maybe I should feed him more? lol

    BIG MOUTH!! .. Maybe I should feed him more? lol

    Big Mouth!!
  18. Already learning to pose!

    Already learning to pose!

    Chilling in the grass!
  19. ROCKY


    Rocky trying to get our attention!! A playful pup!
  20. Rocky ~ 7 Weeks Old

    Rocky ~ 7 Weeks Old

    7 weeks old