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    Show Photo - New "classic Champion

    I saw this boy in person and he is very nice. Way to go!!!
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    Doppler testing

    We are so very lucky here in Florida. VHI makes housecalls to the vets every three months. I paid about 200.00 for the doppler testing and 250.00 for my holter monitor. They fed ex the monitor to the vet and he sends it back. Dr. John Karl Goodwin does the reading. My vet is so use to doing...
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    Ryder is in the house!!

    WOW!!!! That is so great. I think it takes a while for them to get use to everything. My girl ran and jumped on the sofa for protection tonight when I brought something NEW out of the closet. She is really funny sometimes about new things. She went over and checked it out in her own good time...
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    I Found My Baby!!!!!

    That is great!!! I am so glad you found your girl, love the name. Is that what you are going to call her?
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    The difference in breeders??

    I met my breeder over ten years ago and I was first attracted to her because she was a breeder/owner/handler and the dog she was showing at the time was the most beautiful animal I had ever seen in the Boxer ring. What totally sold me was that she didn't brush me off but was more than happy to...
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    Lifting his leg on all the wrong places

    My male pees on everything outside but never indoors. My female has always been with males and she does not squat to pee but lifts her leg just like my male....She marks everything he marks, most people don't believe it till they see it. I just don't think the neutering stops the leg lifting.
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    Funny homework assignment

    I read this years ago but the article said that if you went to a dog show you would see the fou fou dogs with fou fou people, athletic dogs, such as Boxers would be with athletic looking people, most Boxer owners were fit and trim whereas some other breeds had the opposite looking people. It...
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    Home remedies? I'm out of pee-pee pills untill tomorrow.

    Is it phenylpropanolamine, or DES? Can't help you but do know once it is out of her system it will take a while to start working again. Do you have to special order these drugs, they are off the market for people, I know someone that has to order them from the vet pharmacy in Gainesville now...
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    House smells like a kennel

    The carpet powder will also damage your vacumn cleaner after a while. I bought this odor ban stuff from Sam's and have been cleaning carpet with it today. I bath my dogs a lot, one is showing and the other has to be bathed before Therapy sessions at the hospital. Sometimes I just brush and...
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    Still Haven't Found A Puppy

    You have a weekend of dog shows close by, Newnam, on March 30 and March 31st. The shows are at Powers Crossroads Fairgrounds. There will be a Boxer specialty in Perry on April 14th at the Georgia National fairgrounds, 401 Larry Walker fairgrounds. You may be able to talk to some Boxer...
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    Flax seed oil is the greatest! I give flax seed oil capsules to my Boxers also. Their coats are beautiful and very shiny. I have an article that says there is evidence that flaxseed oil does have benefits against breast cancer, based on animal studies, also suppose to be good for the heart...
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    Trying to reach a breeder in upstate NY

    I know the sire of your dog, he was a SOM and all my Boxers are from the same lines, not the same sire but Cherkei and Arriba Boxers have co owned and bred a lot of wonderful Boxers for many years. I can't get the Arriba site to come up but have been there many times so they must be working on...
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    Update on Ryder

    I am so glad that you posted about Ryder, was wondering how he was doing. He will come to trust your husband and so glad he is going to come into the house for a visit, the barn is probably a castle to him though after that old dog house he was living in. It will be slow but know he will be ok...
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    Swallowed whole !!

    Don't know if this will work for you or not but I put warm water on it and a little canned so it is at least semi soft, the way I slow them down is I cut up 1/4 of an apple in bite size pieces and they stop and chew them, they don't wolf it all down so fast and seems to help.
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    Holter monitor question?

    That is what my vet said on Sunday when I took him in to have it taken off. They sent it off yesterday to Gainesville so will be wiating for the results. I thought he needed to be doing his regular routine which is rip and race, then sleep in your lap for an hour. I had to give him a bath...
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    Holter monitor question?

    He made it! 24 hours of wearing the monitor. All that shaking did not hurt anything. The worse part was getting those 6 sticky patches off his skin. The vet kept giving him treats to distract him. I was hoping to hear from someone but since I didn't thought I would keep you updated on us...
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    Cassius first match

    Way to go!!! I bet you are still smiling. I love fun matches.
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    ear cropping

    My vet will not crop if the puppy is over ten weeks of age, the older they are the harder it is on them and there is more risk that they won't stand correctly. I would want to see the ears, not just pictures of Boxers that the vet had done also. Not all vets do a good job, have seen some very...
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    Holter monitor question?

    Well, we got him to at least play some by using the old "there is a kitty in the yard." He ran all over looking for it. We got him to chase the frisbee a little but he is constantly trying to shake the monitor off his back. So glad the vet had taped it on real well. The night was a little...
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    Holter monitor question?

    I read sometime ago the article, A day in the life of a holter monitor, on the ABC site but was wondering if your Boxer had the same reaction as mine? He was real good during the coat shaving and while my vet was putting it on but he won't walk, run, or anything. He just stands in one spot...