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  1. tastubbs

    Tyson - Glad I adopted you

    Hi, I want to recognize my rescue Tyson who died this week and to thank all of you out there that take these silly and sometimes troubled dogs into your homes and hearts. Tyson outlived his cancer prognosis by a year, a good year in which he was more at peace and better behaved. It made all...
  2. tastubbs

    Thyroid Cancer Revisited

    I posted earlier that Tyson had been diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer following removal of his thyroid. I did see an oncologist that confirmed that he still had cancer in his system, as well as a tumor in his left lung. After hearing the treatment options and the expected prognosis of 3 - 6 month...
  3. tastubbs

    Thyroid Cancer

    Anyone been through this before? Tyson had a mass removed from his neck and it was thyroid cancer. Exrays show another mass in his lungs. He is 8 years old and shows no signs of illness what-so-ever. The vet is drafting me a referal to an oncologist. Does anyone have experience with this...
  4. tastubbs

    Seeing/hearing our old friends

    I was getting out of the shower and heard a collar shaking in the distance. The other 2 were asleep on the bathroom floor. Anyone else experience this, or am I nuts?
  5. tastubbs

    Doing the right thing is still hard....

    I haven't been on here much the last couple of years, and I certainly have not done my fair share of consoling on this forum. But, I have always appreciated those that do. It is also nice to have a private place to go to express the grief of losing a pet. I will be taking Buster to the...
  6. tastubbs

    Fibrocartiginouse Embolism

    My 11 year old boxer was diagnosed with FCE this morning. I was able to get him to the vet within an hour of occurance and he is on steroids. Does anyone have any experience with this in an older boxer? Can you give me some feedback on recovery? Thanks.
  7. tastubbs

    Unexplained weight loss

    I have recently moved with my 3 boxers to TX. My 2 males have lost weight and look skinny, even though they are still eating the same amount. All three have been to a local vet for a check-up and the results were fine. I even had extensive lab work done to see if there was liver or kidney...
  8. tastubbs

    Fugal Nail

    Buster has a persistant fungus on just one nail (big toe on back left paw). The nail grows extremely fast and is distorted. He gets it hung up on things and favors that paw. I've had it looked at and trimmed back several times. A different vet saw him today and said that he was probably too...
  9. tastubbs

    Scratching at the door, then not going out

    My oldest boxer, Buster, has recently started getting up between 1 and 2 in the morning, scratching on the door to go out, then not going out. We will go through this routine 2 - 3 times (I don't want an accident), until I realize he has no intention of going out. What could be going on and...
  10. tastubbs

    Strange Request

    Hi All, Long time, no post. I have been communicating long distance with someone for a while and he is coming to visit me this weekend for the first time. I hope the boxers like him and vice versa. Wish me luck! Anyone else ever have to deal with this?
  11. tastubbs

    Old dog, new trick

    Hey ya'll, Hadn't been here in a while. I just had to share. After almost 9 years since I rescued Buster, I FINALLY got him to do "down!" It's like he never trusted the floor or something. How did I do it? A hot dog! It's never too late!
  12. tastubbs

    Portrait of Tyson

    A good friend of mine painted a portrait of Tyson to cheer me up. It is now in my gallery. I love it.
  13. tastubbs

    Broken Hearted

    Never thought I'd be posting here. Yesterday, my best friend and BF of over 7 years broke up with me. He got transfered to Louisisana 2 years ago and we have been trying to make the best of it, but he has met someone else. I am so sad. The really mad has not hit me yet. All I can say is...
  14. tastubbs

    Just finished "Bones would rain from the sky"

    This isn't a new book and I know there have been other posts, but I just finished reading Suzanne Clothier's "If a dog's prayers were answered, bones would rain from the sky." I wish I'd read it long ago. If you are having trouble with a difficult rescue, or any dog, it really helps put things...
  15. tastubbs

    We've been "stalked"

    Twice recently, my old Buster Boy's been stalked....he's still got it. We were walking one day and someone actually backed their vehicle up and this woman asked if she could take our picture - said her husband LOVED boxers. Then this weekend, we were riding around. I stopped to run a quick...
  16. tastubbs

    Pat O'Brien's Lazy River Restaurant

    Any one been to this place in New Orleans yet? I'm looking for a place for a casual get together of several class mates the night before our reunion. Is it a decent place to go get drinks and dinner, or is more of a lunch place?
  17. tastubbs

    No doubt he's a Boxer

    Occasionally I will get questioned about the breed of my long-nosed, white boxer. I must admit that I do wonder myself at times. But tonight, as I cry over the death of my friend, I know that he is 100% Boxer. What other breed knows when you are sad and kisses the tears off your face? Aren't...
  18. tastubbs

    Nice Little Pile on the Bed

    After spending too much time (it appears) on the computer, and not enough time playing with the pups, I found the following neatly piled on my bed: empty toilet paper roll long string of dental floss several tissues an empty bubble bath container some Q-tips SOMEONE, got into the...
  19. tastubbs

    Tyson ate some Saran Wrap

    Should I be concerned? My dogs don't eat foreign objects very often. I guess there was something really good wrapped in it (he would not "leave it"). We were on our walk and before I knew it, he had grabbed, chewed and swallowed it.
  20. tastubbs

    Snowing in Mississippi, Ya'll!!!!!

    Oh! I gotta go, it is snowing here this morning! Must see how the dogs do on a walk. I had to encourage Tyson to go out. I guess he has never seen snow before.