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  1. bucca

    long time no boxerworld

    hi everyone been quite awhile since i have been on here. Been really busy and just wanted to see how everyone was doing. Spanky is doing great, he is still his mischievous self and i wouldnt have it any other way:) His stones are in remissions with the new diet he is on, I took him off the...
  2. bucca

    acid balancing food

    these stones are driving me crazy :( since spanky has urate stones and makes crystals he needs a food that balances out the acid in his urine. they put him on science diet u/d but im giving it to him(both can and dry) against my better judgement until i find another food that does the same...
  3. bucca

    flint dog food

    has anyone ever fed their dog flint dog food, im looing into it because of the urate stones with spanky and i dont like the prescription food he is on. they have a wonderful wedsite and they were very nice on the phone and email and was wondering if their products really are as good as they...
  4. bucca

    Happy mothers day

    want to wish all the moms out there a happy mothers day :)
  5. bucca

    happy first year with spanky

    well today is one year ago we went and picked up spanky. to be honest when we got there and saw him literally pulling the woman down the ramp towards the car i was almost ready to back the car out and drive the 3 hours home empty handed :lol: but of course i didnt and i have to say its been the...
  6. bucca


    im exhausted as i write this, today i went and got spanky a sunblock since he turns very pink in the sun and heat, and had a slight sunburn two days ago on his ears. what an ordeal it was to get it on him, he knew something was up when i took the canister out, and i figured i'll apply it to my...
  7. bucca

    a year ago today

    A year ago today my sweet Chloe left this life to start her new adventures at the bridge. I really believed you were coming home and my heart broke in millions when the call came that morning to tell us you left, I wish I had been there to hold you while you took your last breath and tell you...
  8. bucca

    Leeshei45 Happy Birthday

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Leeshie45 birthdayic Have a great day. Sorry i spelled your name wrong in title, always get the i before e mixed up :lol:
  9. bucca

    fave spring flower

    with all the bulbs coming up and getting ready to bloom i was wondering what everyones fave spring flower was, my fave are the tulips especially multi colored ones.
  10. bucca

    high ph

    took spanky if for his urinalisis( sp) for his urate stone and they found his ph high and blood in the urine and high white blood cells, put him on antibiotics and he has to go back in one month for another test and possible special diet has anyone else dealt with these stones ive done the...
  11. bucca

    puppies, puppies everwhere

    yesterday at petsmart must have been an unofficial puppy day because thats all that was in there, and it was great :) spanky had a ball with all the little guys, and was so good with them that i didnt have to call his name once. he let 2 of them crawl on him when he layed in the isle and was so...
  12. bucca

    happy bday catcrazy56

    happy birthday hope you have a great one. birthdayic
  13. bucca

    happy bday gruntsmom

    have a happy birthday birthdayic
  14. bucca


    we have alot of wild turkey that come everyday to eat, this morning spanky and i went out about 6 and i had him on his leash since the deer and turkey come early, not seeing any i took him off and we walked around the woods alittle and started back in, coming up to the house i thought i saw...
  15. bucca

    tired spanky

    i added two pics of spanky winding down after a long day . hope you like them
  16. bucca

    more pics of spanky

    added a few more pics of spanky, hope you enjoy them
  17. bucca

    spanky in the snow

    added three new pics of spanky in the snow. hope you enjoy them.
  18. bucca

    happy birthday rileyboy

    Hope you have a great one birthdayic
  19. bucca

    happy birathday rileyboy

    Hope you have a great one birthdayicon
  20. bucca

    hit on head

    i got home from shopping yesterday and of course spanky had to help me unpack and remind me that treats are somewhere in those bags :) well as he is being nosy and going through the bags on the floor i pick up one on the table i think is empty and out falls a large can of chicken broth right on...