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  1. Caney Creek

    Pork ribs?

    Are raw pork ribs ok to feed? We have some that we forgot to cook for ourselves and were wondering if we could feed them to Caney. Otherwise they'll be thrown out.
  2. Caney Creek

    A birthday for Ace

    I forgot to post on Ace's birthday! dohicon It was 2 days ago, on April 2nd. We think he turned 8. :happy: Happy belated birthday Ace! birthdayicon
  3. Caney Creek

    Caney is 10 today

    My sweet girl reached double digits today! Love you Caney Roo loveiconbirthdayicon
  4. Caney Creek

    Welcome New Baby

    Elizabeth Jo was born Sunday March 12th, 2017 at 10:41 pm. Just an hour and a half shy of 42 weeks. 6 lbs 13 oz, 19 1/4 inches. She is such a good baby! loveicon
  5. Caney Creek

    Tumor in her eye

    Caney could really use some positive vibes and prayers. I'm taking her to the eye specialist today. Two days ago I noticed that she has a tumor growing on the inside of her lower eyelid, creating a separation between the lid and her eye which was drying out her eye. Yesterday the tumor ruptured...
  6. Caney Creek

    Best glucosamine supplement?

    Looking for a glucosamine/chondroitin/MSM supplement for Caney. The one she's on now doesn't seem to be helping much. Recommendations? Thanks in advance :happy:
  7. Caney Creek

    How do I keep this from getting worse?

    Ace has been with us for almost two months now, he's adjusted very well and overall is a really good boy. Although he and Caney don't really play other than running together in the yard occasionally, they get along just fine and I believe they do enjoy each other's company. Tonight however I...
  8. Caney Creek

    New dog - will he ever play?

    Well, we did it... We adopted a boxer! His name is Ace, he's 7 or 8 years old, and he's such a sweetheart. Everyone that meets him falls in love with him. He has adjusted very well I think in the short week that we've had him and he fits in great with our family. One concern I have though is...
  9. Caney Creek


    I haven't shared photos in a long time so here are some of my favorites from the past year or so. My sweet girl. Reading a book This couch is for me right?? Halloween this year. Clown and turtle.
  10. Caney Creek

    Bump removed, hoping it's not cancer

    Caney has had a bump on her foot for a while now... When we saw the vet earlier this year we chose not to do anything about it because we didn't want to put her through surgery again (she had surgery to remove a couple bumps last year). At that time it was very small. Well, it has grown...
  11. Caney Creek

    Thinking about adding a second dog (sorry, long)

    Sorry in advance for the long post! redfaceicon Does anyone else get sad thinking about how our sweet pups won't live as long as we will? Caney is 9 and lately I have found myself randomly crying just thinking about her life being more than half over. frownicon I'm also pregnant so hormones...
  12. Caney Creek

    Dull, fine hair... Low thyroid? High Creatinine?

    Hello all! :happy: Caney is 9 years old now :cry: and she has been shedding a ton for the past month or two, which at first I attributed to the season change as we're moving into summer here. Yesterday however I was brushing her and noticed a lot of very fine, dull hair coming off of her. I...
  13. Caney Creek

    Tramadol side effects?

    Caney had surgery today to remove some bumps and she was prescribed tramadol for pain, 50mg, 1 to 1 1/2 tablets every 12 hours. After I picked her up today and brought her home she was acting strange -- woozy but at the same time a little anxious -- I assumed it was due to the anesthesia and...
  14. Caney Creek

    Caney is having surgery tomorrow

    Caney needs some good vibes from all of her Boxer World buddies! Tomorrow she is going to the vet to have surgery. The main priority is to remove a bump on her lower lip that has recently gotten significantly bigger, so I'm hoping it isn't cancer. Since she's going to be under anesthesia we are...
  15. Caney Creek

    Caney and Benjamin

    I haven't posted in a while but I just had to share this sweet moment I caught while we were being lazy this morning. Baby Ben is 6 months old now and he just loves his big sister Caney! He watches her so intently as she moves around the house and he lights up when she comes close to him. Caney...
  16. Caney Creek

    Caney ate crab shell, now throwing up blood

    Last night DH cooked crab legs and while he was eating a piece of shell fell on the floor and Caney ate it. I was a little concerned at first but brushed it off as I've fed her plenty of raw meals in the past containing pieces of bone that size or larger, and she has had no problem passing...
  17. Caney Creek


    I wanted to share this news with you all earlier, but with all that we were going through with Creek I felt that the timing just wasn't right. But, I am so happy to finally announce that DH and I are expecting our first HUMAN BABY BOY in late August!! lovicon appicon fiestaicon We are so...
  18. Caney Creek

    Creek 3/23/2001 - 4/17/2014

    We helped Creek cross over to the Rainbow Bridge this past Thursday. I was home with her that day and I called DH to come home early from work, she wasn't doing well and we knew it was time. We took her to a vet close by us (not our usual one as they were already closed for the day) and as it...
  19. Caney Creek

    Creek will not eat

    Creek will be 13 years old next week. About 2-3 months ago she started being picky with her food. At the time we were nearing the last bit of a large bag of kibble so we thought maybe it had gone bad. Bought a new bag and washed her bowl. She still wouldn't touch the food. We then went out...
  20. Caney Creek

    Hystiocytoma still present after 2 months....

    I posted a month or two ago about taking Caney to the vet for a number of things... coughing, ear infection, and a bump on her foot. I'm happy to say that the cough and ear infection are cleared up appicon As for the bump on her foot, the vet did 3 fine-needle aspirations (just to make sure...