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  1. JennieWI

    Gunther crossed the bridge 12/7/13

    Hi all, I lost my sweet boy after he was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor. I loved him with all my heart and miss him dearly. I put together a slideshow tribute using Onetruemedia will try to post the link here to share. In Memory of Gunther at One True Media - share slideshows...
  2. JennieWI

    how to create slide show with music to share

    I want to create a slide show with music to post here and on face book. What is the best way to do this? Can I use windows? Or do I need to go to a special site for this? thank you
  3. JennieWI

    Canine Brain Tumor Research, Minnesota

    Anyone out there participate in their treatments for brain tumors? thank you
  4. JennieWI

    Anybody else LOVE the boxer snore?!?!?

    I have always loved Gunther's snoring and my favorite snore includes his jowls fluttering during an exhale. cracks me up.
  5. JennieWI

    Mast Cell Tumor Diagnosis

    best of luck to you and Lola. Gunther had a Mast Cell Tumor removed last October. The margins were clean, and, other than the scar on his hind leg, he is doing fine today.
  6. JennieWI

    How clean a belly button?

    While Gunther was rolling in the grass, I noticed his belly button looked dirty and a little red. I used just a wash cloth and warm water to wipe it clean and that seem to cause an itch as it made his back leg thump like crazy. I didn't want to press too hard and I don't feel I was able to...
  7. JennieWI

    Hills Z/D recommended by Vet, now loose stools

    Hi, does anyone have experience with this perscription dog food? My Vet recommended this after Gunther that three consecutive bouts with what appeared to be colites, then pancreatis, then she guessed maybe food allergies. Gunther finally feels better, has energy and a good appetite, but his...
  8. JennieWI

    Gunther recovering from MCT removal

    Pathology results - grade II Gunther continues to heal and is feeling better every day. Yesterday he took out a tennis ball from his toy box, gave me kisses, and asked to go on a walk (I had to refuse his request, though). Anyways, I received a call from the Vet saying the pathology reports...
  9. JennieWI

    Gunther recovering from MCT removal

    Hi all, Gunther had his MCT removed on Wednesday, along with two other growths on the other side just in case they could develope into MCT, too. Today is day two and he is seems to be recovering as expected. I think tonight I will be able to sleep in my own bed as opposed to sharing the couch...
  10. JennieWI

    waiting on results of having bump aspirated

    result is in and it is a MCT Thank you, Marion, for your kind words. I received a phone message from the Vet saying it is a Mast Cell Tumor. So, I'm going to spend some time now reading this forum and other sites to learn what I can about this before I call on Monday to work out a plan of...
  11. JennieWI

    waiting on results of having bump aspirated

    Hi all, Gunther had his lump tested last evening. The Vet said she saw graininess, but this appeared more "around" the cells than the cells themselves. So, she sent the test samples to a pathology lab to test further. I don't know what she meantby gaininess. Does anyone else? I tried to...
  12. JennieWI

    puppy noises

    Gunther is very vocal. He can even sound like Donald Duck when he rolls on his back in the grass. And when he wipes his face off on his dog bed after eating, he snorts just like a pig. and his dreams ..... he make all sounds imaginable. :lol:
  13. JennieWI

    does your boxer get more of your affection?

    :lol: I don't think my boyfriend would want me coming up to him, either, throughout the day to smoosh his jowls, rub his ears, kiss his nose, scratch his butt and smell his feet (don't ask me why, I just like the smell of my boxer's feet) like I do to Gunther.........but then again, I haven't...
  14. JennieWI

    Yum! Yum! Yum!

    :lol: Thank you for the laugh. Just adorable!
  15. JennieWI

    does your boxer get more of your affection?

    I'm not a real affection person 'till comes to Gunther my boxer. My BF expressed a little annouance and confustion about this for the first time last evening. I didn't know how to explain it to him so I just said something like Gunther is simmilar to a baby that people are driven to nurture...
  16. JennieWI


    Schnookie noodles noodle butt babe stink foot
  17. JennieWI

    Boxer kills 4 yr old girl in Wisconsin 8/26

    Has anyone heard about this? I'm particularly interested in hearing from those folks knowledgable/trained in dog behavior that might weigh in on how this could have occurred. The news articles say the dog had never shown aggression previously and had been with girl on other occasions without...
  18. JennieWI

    Nero on the Webcam

    I am so enjoying seeing the puppy and am very interested in setting one up for myself. I have a laptop and a logitech camera. I'm guessing the website Camstreams will explain everything, right? this is very new to me. Do you have the cameral attached to the crate?
  19. JennieWI

    The Greatest American Dog - Presley??

    oh, Gunther is on the couch along side of me, but he usually has his eyes closed, pretending to be asleep. I think he may be a little jealous of my enthusiastic interest in Presley.
  20. JennieWI

    The Greatest American Dog - Presley??

    I agree. Travis did the right thing. I could see that it shocked the girl who bad mouthed the other team as she had been trying to warm up to Travis and Presley.