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  1. missjada

    Happy Birthday Jada

    Jada is 3 today. Where does the time go. Jada is my first Boxer and I will always have one in my life, this breed is amazing. She is a real sweetheart and a great snuggler, listens well and is very smart. Happy Birthday baby girl. Have a fun filled day with all your new toys and treats. You are...
  2. missjada

    Does your Boxer moan like a lion cub?

    Tanner is 9 months old and getting huge, bigger than Jada. He is already 60 pounds and a brute. He loves to talk to me in this weird moaning, growling noise. If i answer him back he will go on and on. I have tried to get this on video but every time I go get the camera he stops, of course. It...
  3. missjada

    Big Pup

    Tanner will be 5 months on the Aug. 28th. He is weighing in at 41 pounds. His Dad was 85 pounds. I now Jada wasn't this big at 5 months. Is he going to be huge? He is eating Natural Balance Potato and Duck does this have something to do in how big he is? Jada is 2 1/2 years old and she is only...
  4. missjada

    Added one more to the pack

    I would like to welcome our boy Tanner. He is a cutie pie. 4 months old and fits in beautifully. He is almost done with puppy classes and loves Jada and Lilah. I will post some Photos so you could see him.
  5. missjada

    switching food?

    Jada and Delilah have been on Canidae for a while. Their hair is always falling out, they constantly are scratching, and Delilah bites her feet.Does anyone have any suggestions on what to switch to?
  6. missjada

    Small bump

    Jada woke up with a bump on her hip this morning. It looks like she put a marble under her skin. She was sick about three weeks ago and had several shots right were this bump is. It doesn't seem to bother her. She's eating and bouncing as usual. I found her yesterday playing with a wasp, I was...
  7. missjada

    She' so funny

    Tonight I was playing Scrabble with my daughter, son and his girlfriend at the table. Jada was standing up on her hind legs and half in my lap. I ask her if she could see any words in my tiles. So she puts her head on the table and stares at my tiles. I asked if she had anything yet and she...
  8. missjada

    Uninvited Guest

    Why do family members come to your house, critizes your boxer and disturb your house. I know my boxer isn't perfect(well in my eyes she is) she loves every one and gets super excited and then the guest make stupid comments. I didn't ask them to come over, this is my house, my dog(which I rather...
  9. missjada

    Hurry Mom

    I have to share this with you all. Tonight I gave Jada and Lilah a snack. They know they have to do a trick. I was telling Lilah to sit and shake and I looked at Jada and she was rolling over, then she sat , then she laid down, and then I said bang and she dropped to the ground played dead...
  10. missjada

    Howls at phone

    We got these new Phones that have talking caller ID on them. Jada has decided she doesn't like the voice on the phone. Jada will howl every time the phone rings and talks. I try not to laugh but it is the funniest thing. Half the time when I say hello to the person on the phone I'm laughing...
  11. missjada

    Jada's Sad

    Jada is lost without her buddy. Delilah came in from outside last night around 6:00 and started limping on her right back leg. I checked it over and didn't see anything. She wouldn't stand on it at all. We gave her some baby asprin and made her comfortable in her crate. This morning her leg was...
  12. missjada

    A good Walk today

    Tonight I tried the Gentle Leader collar on Jada. At first she was not liking it and I continued to walk and she just started to walk like she new what to do. She walked so good I was amazed. We walked to the park (2 blocks) and I took the collar off and we played hide and seek behind all the...
  13. missjada

    Making Music

    I was nailing up baseboard in our livingroom yesterday with a stud finder. Every time it would beep I had Jada whining and Delilah howling. It was like we were having a musical time of beeping then whining and last but not least the howling and it was on cue. It was hard to finish the baseboard...
  14. missjada

    Strange thing in our front yard!!!!!

    Yesterday the wind was blowing very hard and a big branch off our tree in the front yard snapped. Well, with Jada being on neighborhood watch noticed this thing in our yard and freaked. She barked, howled and woo-hooed for a good 15 minutes. We were laughing so hard and trying to let her know it...
  15. missjada

    Mom do something !!!!!!!!

    Last week the girls where eating breakfast. Nothing different they eat together with no problems. I watch them very closely so theres no food aggression. Well, Delilah decided to bite and crowl at Jada while she was eating. Jada ran over to me and looked up at me," like what the hell was that...
  16. missjada

    Catch me game!!!!!!!!!!!

    I had the garage door open for a second and Jada ran out to the front yard. She normally goes down the street to visit the dogs around the corner where our friend lives, so I jumped in our truck to go get her and the lady outside said she didn't see a boxer. My heart started racing and I drove...
  17. missjada

    New Family member

    Jada got a little friend about a two months ago. She is a rescue from the shelter. We think she's akita or shepard mix. Jada is like mother hubbard to this pup. This pup bites Jada with those sharp puppy teeth and Jada cries so I'm constantly play ref. I thought Jada would bite her to let her...
  18. missjada

    Some People

    I took Jada to Petsmart last week and she was so excited, wiggles and happy. This lady walked right over to me and said that I need to give her these herb pills it will calm her down. I looked at this lady and asked her if she has a boxer. She said no, but I have a puppy at home and I give her...
  19. missjada

    Changing Vets

    I took Jada for her check-up from her bladder infection and her yearly shots last week. The vet tech took her back and did a urine test and to give shots. When one of the office help came out with Jada she was screaming Jada's name over and over, because Jada was so excited to get back to me...
  20. missjada

    Jada's 1st Birthday

    Today(1-12-06) is Jada's birthday. Weighing in at 50 pounds and 23 at the withers. Jada has taught us alot about the boxer breed. She's our first boxer and probally won't be our last. Everything I read here or in books I can relate to. She brings us joy and lots of laughter to our home. I can't...