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  1. mygirlmollie

    It's a boy!

    Cody Bryce McCall Born Dec 22nd 2004 1:36am Weighing 8lb8oz Well Cody is here, we got home the day before Christmas and it's been hectic ever since. Hannah is coping really considering she lost Jed on Friday, then Tuesday I disappeared for 3 days and then came home with this extra...
  2. mygirlmollie

    Jed 3.1.97 - 17.12.04

    I can't believe I'm writing this but our boy Jed is gone. I had to help him to the bridge at 3:30 this morning. I woke to him having a seizure at 2:30am, he had 3 in a row with in half an hour, so I rang the vet and arranged to meet her to give him some IV Valium. The valium didn't work, he...
  3. mygirlmollie

    I want in.

    The poor pups had to stay outside for a bit while we had new carpet laid in the nursery. Hannah just can't understand not being allowed to mingle with visitors. So unfair.
  4. mygirlmollie

    Those darn birds.......

    Jed is currently standing at my front window, barking incessantly because he's watching a magpie pecking away at his meaty bone...... Wish his Dad would hurry up and get back, so I can shut the gates and let him back outside, I'm getting a headache!! foolicon
  5. mygirlmollie

    I have some news....

    I'm expecting a baby in Dec. I haven't been around much on the boards for the last few months as I have been feeling very unwell. It seems that when your pregnant you can't think clearly or concentrate properly on anything lol, (not to mention all the other symptoms) so reading forums, typing...
  6. mygirlmollie

    Miss Hannah

    Boxer or Gazelle Playing at Faithy & Jacksons house.
  7. mygirlmollie

    Hannah - head tremor (long)

    OK now this is ridiculous, I just walked onto my bedroom to have a snuggle with Hannah (she was sleeping on my bed) and she was having a head tremor!!! I feel like I'm over reacting here but it worried me! I called hubby in and he got her up and she stopped and was fine. Then she went back to...
  8. mygirlmollie

    Update on Jed

    Ok I spoke with our vet today. He is actually a different vet than the one that saw Jed in 2001 when he had his first seizure. I use the 2, the other mostly for emergencies, because they have longer hours etc. I much prefer the one I spoke to today though and always try to see them first. So...
  9. mygirlmollie

    Jed just had a seizure.

    Poor Jed just had another seizure, it's his 3rd that we know of. The first one happened 2 1/2 years ago, the 2nd about a month or 2 ago. I'm upset and worried for him, hes not long turned 7 and I'm hoping this isn't the beginning of bad things to come. Jed was just snoozing on our bed with...
  10. mygirlmollie

    Movie mode...

    Unfortunately my camera has no mic, so silent movie's it is! A short but sweet face fight Jed and the chicken, guest appearance by Miss Hannah You will need QuickTime to view Wanda.
  11. mygirlmollie

    Movie editing progs??

    Does anyone know of a preferably free movie editing program? Can you believe the software that came with my new camera doesn't have any, well it does, but you have to pay to upgrade to the pro version then you can edit your movies..... I don't feel like paying out more money at this...
  12. mygirlmollie

    ....A few more

    I finally got myself a digital camera, so there will be plenty of pics from now on no doubt :lol: Face fight Bat dog? Wanda. Hannah & Jed
  13. mygirlmollie

    New pics of my girl

    My pretty girl Isn't she gorgeous! :lol: Wanda.
  14. mygirlmollie

    Cute card

    Look at these two little cuties that are on the Valentines Day card my hubby gave me..... Wanda
  15. mygirlmollie

    Happy Australia Day ;)

    WE ARE ONE We are the people of a free nation of blokes, sheilas and the occasional wanker. We come from many lands (although a few too many of us come from New Zealand), and although we live in the best country in the world, we reserve the right to bitch and moan about it whenever we bloody...
  16. mygirlmollie

    Jed's 7 today!!!!

    Happy Birthday to you Jed!!!!! fiestaicon Today our boy is 7 years old, how time flys!!! I bought Jed as a surprise present for my DH, they have been best buds ever since. Have a fun day Jeddy love Mum, Dad & Hannah!!:D Jed at Christmas Handsome Boy And for those with a fast...
  17. mygirlmollie

    2 today!!!

    My little Miss Hannah is 2 years old today!!! fiestaicon Happy Birthday to you my lil' pumkin!!!!! What a 2 years it's been! And I've loved every minute of all your evilicon ways :lol: Love Mum, Dad & Jed xxx My Boxer Site
  18. mygirlmollie

    Merry Christmas to all

    Hannah & Jed would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas :)
  19. mygirlmollie

    Tree goes up, decorations come down.....

    Today I put my Christmas tree up, I did a good job decorating and it looked lovely :) I was saying to hubby all the while, I wonder what Miss Hannah will be like this year, she's grown up a bit, surely she will be good and leave my tree alone.... Fast forward an hour.....I had to go to the...
  20. mygirlmollie

    Mollies anniversary

    I didn't get a chance to post yesterday....but yesterday was 2 years since my girl Mollie left us :( It's always a sad day, as I can't help but think of the terrible circumstances in which she left, but then I always force myself to think of how much I loved her and how good a friend she was...