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  1. ForeverMama

    Brain Tumor?

    It looks like my sweet Balboa (my baby boy) has a brain tumor. He has had 4 seizures in the last week. He is now on phenobarbital 60 mg. twice a day. He has not been diagnosed with a tumor, but vet said there is that possibility. I have a couple questions for the ones of you that have...
  2. ForeverMama

    Help!!!!! Ate tealight candles including the metal container

    Balboa ate two tealight candles (metal container and all). Should he be okay until I can get him to the vet in the morning. Someone told me that a dog's stomach acid would disolve metal. Is that true?
  3. ForeverMama

    Lost My Sweet Baby Girl

    It breaks my heart to have to post here. I helped Wallie to the bridge last Friday. She had gone days without eating anything (vet felt sure it was gastro lymphoma). She acted like she was hungry but would immediately spit out anything she tried to eat. Wouldn't even try to swallow. Thursday...
  4. ForeverMama

    Needing positive vibes and prayers

    I haven't posted in quite some time, but right now I need your help, We need all the positive vibes and prayers for one of my rescues that we can get. We rescued her when she was about three months old. She had heartworms when we got her and she came thru like a champ. Walli is now nine...
  5. ForeverMama

    Happy 5th birthday balboa

    Yesterday was my "baby boy's" 5th birthday. I feel I have been so blessed. He is one healthly, happy five year old even though he came from a BYB (didn't know better at the time). I see all these precious silver faced babies on here and that is exactly what I want for my love. He has a...
  6. ForeverMama

    Taste of the Wild Ethoxyquin Free?

    The feed store where I buy my dog food is now carrying TOTW. I have been using Wellness Core, but wanted something else to rotate with. After reading the info on Taste of the Wild Dog Food on DFA, I decided to e-mail the company and ask about the use of ethoxyquin in their food. Below is...
  7. ForeverMama

    Got Room For One More

    Hope you've got room for one more. I am officially (after 2 1/2 years) insane. Small room, slightly padded will be fine. I am so glad to finally join the best group of boxer lovers in the world. Thanks for having me.
  8. ForeverMama

    Balboa is Three Today

    Today is Balboa's third birthday. It has been three wonderful years. He has been able to put a smile on my face every day that he has been with me, no matter how bad a day I had. We will be having his party as soon as I get home from work. I made homemade Frosty Paws for all my gang. For...
  9. ForeverMama

    New Merrick "Before Grain" Food

    Has anyone tried any of the new Merrick grain free formulas? I wonder if they will be six star foods. I am rotating with Merrick Wilderness Blend and Wellness Core right now. This might give me another option. The feed store I use carries Wellness on a regular basis and will special order...
  10. ForeverMama

    Eat Great. Be Well

    I just found this dog food on another site. Would just like some input as to whether it is a good food or not (did a search on DFA and nothing showed up): More Information on Eat Great Be Well Dog Food Brand Name Eat Great. Be Well. Dog Food Active Ingredient(s): Chicken...
  11. ForeverMama

    Need some vibes

    Well, Balboa has another bump. This time on the inside of one of his hind legs. It's about the size and shape of a pencil eraser. Hopefully, it is just another histiocytoma like the other ones he has had. Have an appointment with the vet tomorrow. Sure would appreciate some of those great BW...
  12. ForeverMama

    How old to leave Mama? Kinda long

    I have a feral cat that took up residence in my garage over the winter. Of course, my DS had to feed it so it has made itself at home. About 4 - 5 weeks ago she had 4 kittens. Had no idea it was a female. You couldn't get near her. The kittens are now eating and drinking on their own...
  13. ForeverMama

    Happy 2nd Birthday Balboa

    Happy birthday my sweet Jellybean. You have brought so much love and laughter into my life. I can't imagine my world without you. I hope to have you in my life for many more years to come. Mama will have all your birthday goodies with me wihen I get home this afternoon. Just remember you...
  14. ForeverMama

    Help: How many egg shells a week is safe

    I give Balboa (almost 2 years old), a raw egg once or twice a week. I know that you can give them too many eggs and it will have a reverse effect. My question is: Is there a limit on how many egg shells they can have per week? I know they are a great source of calcium, but don't know if you...
  15. ForeverMama

    Balboa has a new Boo Boo

    Had to take Balboa to the vet yesterday. He has now pulled his left elbow.:( Hurt the right one when he was just a pup. He is now on 10 - 20 days crate rest. Previcox for the pain/inflammation and benadryl to help keep him calm. Hopefully, it will get better or we will have to see a surgeon...
  16. ForeverMama

    A Bump, a lump, a boo boo or worse?

    I found a spot on Balboa's front leg (front side of the elbow area). I first noticed it last week. At first, I thought it was a small boo boo from one of the other dogs. Well, it has gotten bigger. It is more oval shaped than round, about half as big as a pencil eraser. It is not hard, but...
  17. ForeverMama

    Finally Figured It Out

    I finally got some pictures of Balboa in the gallery. :) They range from three months to 16 months old. Most of them are him in the prone position. That's about the only time he's still enough for me to get a picture. Hope you enjoy.
  18. ForeverMama

    Hi, I'm Zippy Snicklebutt

    We did this last year & it was fun. Since we have a lot of new members, thought I'd give it another shot. Here is your dose of humor.. > > A. Follow the instructions to find your new name > > B. Once you have your new name, let everyone know. > > The following is excerpted from a...
  19. ForeverMama

    To All Boxerworld Baby Boomers

    How many can relate to all these? I can relate to most. TO ALL THE KIDS WHO SURVIVED the 1930's 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's!! First, we survived being born to mothers who smoked and/or drank while they were pregnant. They took aspirin, ate blue cheese dressing, tuna from a can, and didn't...
  20. ForeverMama

    Walmart Christmas Boxer does Boxer Burns

    Finally got my Christmas Boxer from Walmart Sunday. Apparently Balboa thought it was another early Christmas present for himself. He snatched it off the table and ran outside. When I made it to the door, he had hold of the toy by the top of the hat with the rest of the thing dragging the...