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  1. BrickWatts

    Dog Food

    What types of food does everyone feed their boxers??? We were feeding Brick Nutro Natural Max large breed puppy for the first 6 weeks or so but he was throwing up almost every day and had very dry skin and wasn't really gaining much weight, so after reading on a german shepherd forum (our other...
  2. BrickWatts

    Upload of file failed

    I have tried with several different pictures now to upload a picture into the picture gallery and then also to upload a picture as an avatar. I resized my picture, it is sized at 64x48 pixels, it is a .jpg file, and it is 6.4 KB. i have no clue why this picture will not load. any assistance will...
  3. BrickWatts

    Hello all!

    Chris and Trisha here, we have brick, 16 week old brindle boxer and brock a 15 week old german shepherd!