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  1. Shane72

    Peanut butter problem?

    I don't have a peanut butter problem...
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    Brody's first snow!

  3. Shane72


    My new Boxer/Tasmanian Devil mix, Brody Looking forward to new adventures!
  4. Shane72

    Average Cost VA/NC

    I know this has been asked before but I can't find a recent thread. I want to support a responsible breeding program and in the deal hopefully get a healthy, good tempered dog. I just lost my 10 year old Boxer and haven't priced them lately. The prices I'm finding in VA and NC seem high but...
  5. Shane72

    Rest in Peace Big Guy

    I lost my big guy, Rocky September 18 - he was 10 years and 9 months old. He was the first dog that ever owned me. He was very healthy his whole life and even had an excellent checkup in February. In late July, he underwent emergency surgery following a sudden collapse. An ultrasound revealed he...
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    In the three years Rocky has been with me we haven't had more than a dusting of snow. I knew he'd love it. He loves the cold, loves sand, mud, playing in water, etc. Well, we finally got snow last night! Not much by most standards but about six inches which is more than we've seen in years. I...
  7. Shane72

    Tamron Lenses

    I just ordered a Canon 40D as an upgrade from my XTi and am thinking of getting a new all-round lens. I have three Canon lenses but will be selling my wide angle/telephoto with the XTi as I believe I can get better return selling the whole kit. This leaves me with a telephoto and a 50mm prime...
  8. Shane72

    A Boxer "Hater" Convert

    Alright, first off my dad's never really "hated" Rocky or any other animal that I know of. He just hates slobber and all the attention Rocky gives him (Rocky's a big kisser). He's just never been a "dog" person. He has a great (if twisted) sense of humor and has never been mean toward Rocky and...
  9. Shane72

    Dehydrator Recipes?

    I just bought a food dehydrator and was wondering if anyone had any good recipes for their furry friends using one of these contraptions. Rocky loves the store-bought chicken jerkies but I don't feel very good giving him anything made in China, not to mention the stuff all over the internet...
  10. Shane72

    What does your little one not eat?

    I'm just curious. Rocky will eat just about anything - cat food, small toys, grass, pretty much any meat, vegatables, etc. It's funny though, there's certain things he just will not eat. He'll take a pretzel in his mouth and just drop it on the floor. Same thing with peanuts though he loves...
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    Dog Park Drama

    I had my first experience with an aggressive dog at the dog park this past weekend and worst of all, it was another boxer. To start, we don't have a dog park where I live so I drive to Greensboro which is 45 minutes away about once per month to get Rocky's food and make a trip to their dog park...
  12. Shane72

    Thinking about going RAW... (kind of long)

    OK, gmacleod (thanks, as always for the advice) answered some questions about chew treats (bully sticks raw hides, etc.) on a thread in "Dog Health issues and questions" by driving home that natural bones are of course the best chew treat for them. This got me searching threads and looking for...
  13. Shane72

    Chewing His Foot

    I just wanted to see if anyone has any experience with this and maybe some suggestions. Rocky started to chew and lick his back left foot over six months ago. This is intermittent, he'll do it a while, then seems to stop, then he'll start again. His paws are all white and he'll get that foot...
  14. Shane72

    Happy 2nd Birthday Rocky Dawg!

    Rocky turned two today! I had a long day at work, got home to find that Rocky had managed to get the newspaper off the table and decorated the living room in confetti. But when he met me at the door, wagging his little butt, all I could think of was how lucky I am to have this crazy dog...
  15. Shane72

    Birthday Ideas - Rocky's turning 1!

    Well, I got Rocky almost 10 months ago and he was my first dog. Now I can't imagine life without him! He's the coolest dog in the world (though I may be a little partial). It's been trying at times such as through house training, he's redesigned a few window blinds, shredded a few books and...
  16. Shane72

    By Nature Natural foods

    A local store has started carrying "By Nature" Natural foods and I was just wondering if anyone knows anything about the brand. I got a small bag to try of the "Natural Pork and Sweet Potato Flavored" on the recommendation of the girl working the store. The only information I can find is on...
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    Wellness for a pup

    Hi, first let me say sorry for posting and running but I'm going out of town first thing in the morning and will not get back to check for replies until Sunday afternoon - on that note Rocky is being boarded for the first time and I'm missing him already! I dropped him off this morning and when...
  18. Shane72

    7 Month Old with Diarrhea

    Hi everyone! I've seen some recommendations on this but just wanted to throw Rocky's condition out there and hopefully someone can help me out. Rocky is 7 months old. He has been on CS (adult) for three or more months. He started having runny or at least very soft (think thick milkshake)...
  19. Shane72

    Loose stools with exercise

    Hi everyone. I just have a few questions that I hope someone can help me with. Rocky seems to get loose stools every time he exercises strenuously. He'll go once or twice in the morning and it's normal. I come home from lunch and he runs in the yard some but if he goes during this time it's...
  20. Shane72

    Is 4 months too young for a head halter?

    Here's my problem. Rocky is generally well-behaved and really isn't a bad puller in most cases though he can be stubborn. Enter another dog or person, especially a child. He goes nuts (in a playful, happy way of course). He pulls against his collar until he sounds like he's gasping for breath...