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  1. SweetZoesmom

    Seasonal allergies / itchy scratchy

    I can tell it's spring here in Fort Worth, TX because my baby Zoe is itching and scratching. Where her fur is white, you can see how pink her skin is and she is scratching so hard she is leaving marks on herself. We have been giving her Benadryl but I'm not sure if there is something else I can...
  2. SweetZoesmom

    Barking/growling when doorbell rings?

    Zoe is around 8-9 months old. She has always been very protective of our home; growling and barking when the doorbell rings or someone knocks. However we noticed this weekend that when I am trying to talk to someone through the screen, she loses her mind and sounds very vicious and scares the...
  3. SweetZoesmom

    Boxers & ACE

    Thank you all for the welcomes to BW! Everybody has been so welcoming. I do have a question: Zoe is going in on the 30th to be spayed. I read on a website somewhere about boxers & ACE and that it can cause some heart problems. Has anyone else heard about this? I will talk to my vet about it...
  4. SweetZoesmom

    Hi Ya'll

    Hi everyone! My name is Shelley and I'm from Ft. Worth, TX and I am brand new to the Boxer Board. (I hope I'm posting this correctly) We have a 10 year old German Shepherd mix whose name is Bear, 5 cats, and the newest addition to our clan is Zoe. She is an 8 month old Boxer who is fawn &...