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    DM harness/rear lift suggestions

    Rambo is almost 10, and was diagnosed with DM about 9 months ago. He is having so much trouble getting around that I want to look into harnesses or rear lifts. He has lost almost all use of his rear left leg, and the right leg isn't far behind. He stubbles terribly when he walks, and he's...
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    Re-introduction- back after 2+ years

    It's been several years since I last visited BoxerWorld, so I thought that a new introduction was appropriate. I joined BoxerWorld 9 years ago after we welcomed our boxer, Rambo. Rambo is still with us, but sadly is struggling with DM. He still has some use of his rear legs, but is declining...
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    Vet isn't concerned about thyroid, but I am

    What is with vets not being open to diagnosis or consider tyroid problems in boxers? 1 year ago, I had bloodwork done on Rambo- T4 was 1.1 (normal was 1-4) Last week, I had the bloodwork redone- T4 was 1 (normal is .8-3.5) Vet just called and said that is a completely normal level. She...
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    We switched Rambo to Acana last weekend after learning that the bag of TOTW that we were feeding Rambo had been recalled. The food store recommended it as a good alternative to the TOTW formula we were feeding (Pacific Stream). We switched to Acana Pacifica cold turkey, and haven't had any...
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    Palladia info? side effects?

    I don't have any advice to offer, but just wanted to send some hugs and thoughts. I'm so sorry that you are going through this.
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    Finally more Diamond/TOTW recall

    We switched cold turkey from TOTW Pacific Stream to Acana Pacifica. My store recommended it since it's similar to the TOTW formula that Rambo was on. We're on day 3 now, and haven't seen any soft stools or upset tummy.
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    Finally more Diamond/TOTW recall

    Ugh, just checked the production code and date on my bag of Pacific Stream, and my bag is part of the recall. Is anyone else going to switch cold turkey to a new food? I don't even want a replacement bag not affected by the recall, I just want something made by a different company.
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    Seasonal Flank Alopecia

    Rambo gets Seasonal Flank Alopecia every winter. This winter seems to be worse, though. He was diagnosed by his vet several years ago (just based on appearance), and we've never treated it. It's usually bad from about December-February, but then begins to improve once Spring arrives. By mid...
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    Henri - 9 years

    He's so handsome, and I always love seeing pictures of him swimming! I'm surprised that he didn't have a huge stick in his mouth! Doesn't he love to grab loose sticks during his swims?
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    So sorry Diva isnt doing well. Sending healing vibes and prayers your way.
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    My heart is hurting praying to God

    I am so sorry. Hugs to you.
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    Izzy's surgeries

    Woohoo!!!! I love good news! So happy for you!
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    Found Senior male boxer in Maryland- parkville/loch raven

    Update: thankfully, his owners were found!! Happy ending.
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    Found Senior male boxer in Maryland- parkville/loch raven

    I don't have him, but know of a senior boxer or boxer mix found in Baltimore County, Maryland. No microchip. Said to be very friendly and calm. Just wanted to post here in case anyone is missing a senior in Maryland.
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    My Maggie is sick

    You and Maggie are in my thoughts and prayers.
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    My Oxy is turning 4 today!!

    Happy Birthday Oxy! So happy to see you looking so happy after the tough year you've had with your knees. Wishing you many great years to come!!
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    Clicker training - Free Shaping "Paw the box"

    What a smart boy. He's so cute.
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    Happy #11 Roxi!

    Happy Birthday, Roxi. Hope it's wonderful!
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    Savannah Jan 17 2010 - May 19 2011

    I'm so sorry for your loss. RIP sweet girl.
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    More pics

    Nice pics! Looks like Whiskey and Giselle have a logo fun together.