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  1. Scrappysmom

    Old-timer back again!

    Welcome back! I was gone from this site for quite some time. Scrappy, my boxer mix is still going strong at 13. Glad to see you guys are still here.
  2. Scrappysmom

    Game-Continued :) Keep one-drop one

    Magic Act
  3. Scrappysmom

    Happy 6th Birthday, Isabella!!!

    Scrappy and I wish a most wonderful day to both of you!
  4. Scrappysmom

    Does your Boxer start a trend in the office?

    I'm a psychiatrist. But I brought Scrappy in during my off time to meet the office staff. Wish I could have him by my side all day :)
  5. Scrappysmom

    Does your Boxer start a trend in the office?

    We introduced Scrappy, our Boxer mix to the office a couple of years ago. Now almost everyone who has gotten a new dog has adopted a Boxer! Anyone else with this experience?
  6. Scrappysmom

    Happy 1st Birthday Roxy!

    have a very happy birthday Roxy! birthdayic
  7. Scrappysmom

    Help, Scrappy showed dog aggression!

    Happily, Scrappy has been doing well! We walked him and Nickie in Boise near a pond and two happy Labs were off leash and one of them jumped on Nickie's head!(our other dog) Scrappy barked three times and the lab got off Nickie's head! Then all was well. I think the whole time, Scrappy was just...
  8. Scrappysmom

    Izzy turned 4 months old friday yah!!!!!!!!!!

    Enjoy your day!!
  9. Scrappysmom

    GDOGS Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday GDOGS
  10. Scrappysmom

    The attack of the hot air balloon!

    Cute story!
  11. Scrappysmom

    Help, Scrappy showed dog aggression!

    Good Dogs! My DH and I were walking Scrappy and Nickie tonight on leash at the same path in Wilderness Ranch. We walked past the barking Akita and talked to the mom and once Mom was there the Akita stopped barking. Akita is fenced. Then walked past the German Short Haired Pointer who was...
  12. Scrappysmom

    Help, Scrappy showed dog aggression!

    Thank you everyone for helping me to put this situation into perspective! Scrappy is normally calm and friendly, and I think he just reacted the way a normal dog would under the circumstances. Still, I will be on alert for any other behaviors. I will continue to socialize him with other dogs and...
  13. Scrappysmom

    Help, Scrappy showed dog aggression!

    Scrappy has always been friendly with other dogs. When neighborhood dogs bark, he sometime joins them but never seems to be upset. He does seem to be very attached to Nickie and it would make sense that he was protecting her.
  14. Scrappysmom

    Help, Scrappy showed dog aggression!

    My DH is very dog sensible and my thought is that he would not overreact but thank you for asking. He told me that Scrappy barked at the Lab and did not growl or show his teeth and it took just seconds after he led our dogs away for him to calm down. He walked the dogs down the same path tonight...
  15. Scrappysmom

    Help, Scrappy showed dog aggression!

    Hi all, I need some help with this. My DH was walking Scrappy and Nickie, at the Wilderness Ranch subdivision in Idaho. Very rural with lots of dogs, some fenced and some not. Both of our dogs were leashed. I was not there so this is second hand info from my spouse. They were going up the road...
  16. Scrappysmom

    The benefits of INSANITY?!

    Welcome to insanity! I'm still just crazy but getting close too....foolicon !
  17. Scrappysmom

    GAME ? keep one - drop one

    Boarding School
  18. Scrappysmom

    Happy Birthday Jan!

    Happy Birthday Jan! I just love writing in color for birthdays....I've been 29 myself for some time...I should know's been 16 years now. Hope you enjoyed your day!
  19. Scrappysmom

    Waking mom up from a night mare.

    Abbie, you are an angelicon for protecting your Mommy! lovicon
  20. Scrappysmom

    My Dogs Attacked Last Night by a Pitbull

    Did animal control say if the dog has attacked before? I hope all of the dogs are recovering from the attack and do not experience psychological trauma from it.