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    what signals guarding instinct

    The great trait about boxers is that they are friendly.......until they are aware of danger, then look out!!! They are very good at instinctually figuring out what they need to react to and what they don't. And you will find out soon enough that they are very good at protecting the house from...

    Grey fur

    When this vet suggested the full panel just by looking at the "indicators" on Lily, I truly knew I found a good vet! I also knew when I went to my new human doctor that took one look at my eyes and suggested that I too may have a thyroid condition (puffy around my eyes, a little bulging) that I...

    a caution against feeding frozen food

    I feed frozen ribs, or things I know they have to really chew up. If I have a pack of frozen chicken pieces, I thaw enough that I can separate the pieces. I don't feed frozen bone-in pieces unless they are chewable ribs or entire legs like deer legs where they can't swallow it whole. I...

    finding a mess

    I totally would do the same - treat the mess as if it were the culprit of doom! lol Lily would stand back and watch me mumble as I cleaned up the mess. Now as an adult, she walks gently around a mess, made by one of the other dogs, and huffs under her breath. Its too funny! It's like she's...

    Grey fur

    Lily was 2 and I took her to a new vet because old vet refused tests I requested. The new vet took one look at her and said "we need to run a full thyroid panel on her". I asked why, since that was the very test my old vet refused my vet said "she has a greying muzzle...

    Dog Shaming, Pascale Lemire

    I read an article recently describing the behaviors that these types of photos instill in dogs. Yes, they do not feel shame or guilt but it's the owner's influences of these types of "shaming" that gives the dogs a nervous/anxious energy from their humans.

    Easy walk harness does not sim to fit

    If flipping doesn't work, as I see most boxers wearing it upside down due to fit, then return it. There are a lot of issues with fit with this harness......good idea, bad design. Especially since they are being made in China now, they are even worse made. There is a great harness made by...

    Drontal(Worming med)= Hyper 8week Brindle

    Well some dogs are very weird when it comes to worms. LOL My Buster boy, 8 yrs old, had an issue that until discovered thought he was having seizures, going blind, rectal blockage, and some other weird symptoms. Turned out he had worms! That's it, just worms. LOL He was nicknamed Mr...

    Past Member returning. Hi All!

    Welcome Back TuckersMom aka MichiganAndi Glad to have you back! And with another boxer nonetheless! Once a boxer lover, always a boxer lover! Hope you are well.

    Nails don't grow

    Some dogs do chew their nails. I have one and my bro's saint does too. Mighty handy since both of them hate having their paws touched.


    There's been many complaints on dogs getting negative reactions to trifexis. I stick to heartguard as my dogs won't be a drug tester......I rely on yrs of other users on meds before giving or taking them. Too many generic formulas, natural formulas on the market, an just too many bad reactions...

    Tara May 17/02 - Oct 16/2013

    Godspeed sweet girl! You sure made your Momma proud! May she have endless balls and infinity pond to play in for eternity. Well, that's til she finds you again when you can toss those balls to her yourself.

    Give me your paw

    Awesome!!! Perserverence is pertinent to raising a stubborn, but too smart, boxer!!! And you just witnessed this streak! LOL Probably right about playing dumb to keep getting treats! He figured if he finally did it today, you would stop asking for paw and move on to the next thing he can...

    My dog's favorite snack/treat is...

    fruits!!!!! Veggies and of course, peanut butter!!!! I make my own doggie ice cream that they all drool over: 1 large qt of plain yogurt 3 large bananas 2 heaping tablesppoons of PB Blend well, put in small bowls, freeze 24 hrs prior to serving. Can substitute any fruits, as we know...

    Hello from Roanoke, Va! - Boxer Hopeful Here! :D

    Welcome! The best way to avoid contributing is to rescue a homeless boxer in need - by checking local rescues, shelters, petfinder, etc. You can also check with local boxer clubs to see if they have a list of breeders they recommend. Many of us here made the mistake with our first pups by...

    Tail amputated recovery HELP

    I had to get an amputation on my 2 yr old. It is not an easy surgery to recover from - for you or the pup. Buster was in and out of the vets & ER so many times during his recovery, twice being another surgery to remove more vertebrae. Definitely change vets if you are displeased...

    Pacing a lot

    Pacing is a sign of anxiety and/or pain. I would suggest a second opinion. Sounds like there may be more going on than just her "realizing her age".

    "Lump"on her head

    Boxer pups have an "egg bump" on the top of the skull. Mostlikely it will flatten out with age and have that flat head look, even with a ridge, as they hit maturity. Some still have somewhat of a rounded top of the head, so don't worry, it's normal. They say boxers grow up the first year =...

    8 week puppy showing aggressive behavior

    First off, puppies are not aggressive. This term should only be used when adult dogs are lunging to attack other dogs or people. What you have is a spunky pup who based on your info, came from the litter too early. This behavior is normal for pups who leave the litter too early. This...

    7 year old boxer starting to bite people

    I second the full panel run! At this age, it's very likely that hormone levels are off and aggression is a syptom, along with others. Moving into a new area, with a new environment can make dogs more insecure, fearful, also causing reactive behaviors, like nipping, barking, aggressing, etc...