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    Eating a lot, but still skinny

    I have both of my dogs on CS. I give them 4 cups every night with a tablespoon of yogurt. They neither one are gaining any weight. I love the CS because their coats are soft and shiny and they don't shed much. My white boxer's tear stains have gotten a lot better. I just wonder if I am not...
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    Noisy dog toy

    My brother gave my 3 year old daughter a drum set for christmas. He has also given her previously a guitar and keyboard. My house is very loud. Anyway, he has no kids yet, but him and his wife have 4 dogs. I want to get him 4 of the noisest dog toys I can find. One of his dogs chews...
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    Bought them a cuz, but....

    I bought both Rocky and Tippy a cuz today and they don't want anything to do with them. Is that odd? Everyone on here just talks about how all their dogs love them. My one year old wanted them more than my dogs did. Is there anything I can do to get them to like them, since I already spent...
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    Too Skinny!

    I have a problem with my boxers being too skinny! I recently switched them to Eagle Pack Holistic dog food and we are feeding them 4 cups a day twice a day. It says to only feed them 3 cups, but they act like they are starving. Anyway, they have both lost weight. I can see all of their ribs...
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    Chicken Soup vs. Eagle pack holistic

    I was feeding my dogs diamond dog food and some of you recently told me to check into the prices of a better food, because you won't have to feed as much even though it may be more expensive. I went to my local pet store and looked at Chicken soup and it is 28 dollars for a 35 pound bag. I pay...
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    Boxer Bash in Memphis, TN

    I would like to get my dogs together at Shelby Farms. I would have to do it like Sat. night or Sun. night maybe around 5 pm. That way my husband can stay home with my baby and I can bring my 3 year old. If anyone would like to do this just let me know. Thanks
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    How much do you feed?

    I recently switched my dogs to Diamond Lamb and Rice, I know it isn't the best, but it is what I can afford and better than Purina Dog chow. Anyway, I have been giving them 3cups a day which is what it says for their weight, but they seem like they are starving. Should I feed them as much as...
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    Couldn't believe it

    Yesterday, during nap time (watch kids in home) a friend that was over and I went out in the front yard. I thought I might try bringing the dogs in the front yard without a leash. They have never done that before. Anyway, I did and they stayed right there with me. If they got close to the...
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    Can't believe it!

    Yesterday I needed to go to the petstore to get new dog food. I had my two girls with me (3 and 1) and my 3 year old wanted to take the dogs also. Okay remember I am by myself, husband at work. I was reluctant at first, but then she said that they should pick out their own food. That got me...
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    Very Funny

    My one year old just woke up from nap and I showed her all the pictures of everyone's dogs. She absolutely loved them. She loves our dogs, but she would point at them and laugh and say her sweet little hi! She can't say much she just turned one on Oct. 6th. I will now have to let her look at...
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    Please Read!!!

    I received this in a email today and wanted to pass it on to everyone here at BW. I will stop doing this as I have dogs and small children. For those of us with animals...... I recently had a neighbor who had their 5-year old German shepherd dog put down due to liver failure. The dog was...
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    HELP!! (long)

    I have two boxers, one male and one female. We had our female and then a year later got our male. The dogs were outside last night and we have been feeding them outside recently because our male has been aggressive toward his food and I have small children and I don't want anything to happen...
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    Boxer size

    I am rather new here and I have been listening to the size of some of your boxers and looking at pictures. I feel that my boxers are too little. The 2 year old female is about 53 pds. and my 1 yr old males is about 55 pds. Is this a good size for boxers or should I add something to their...
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    Helping out

    Hi! I live in Memphis and we have a lot of people from New Orleans here in our city. I have been trying to rent a friend's house that lives in Flordia for a few months now. Today, I showed the house to a family from New Orleans. They evacuated here on Sunday before the hurricane and are...
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    So proud of my boxers

    I have two boxers a male and a female. I also have two girls that are 3 and 11 months. My 11 month old has been walking for a couple of months now and the dogs haven't been around her when she is mobile. They have been around her while she is in the saucer or high chair. They usually stay in...
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    Where Dogs Sleep

    My dogs currently sleep in the kitchen with a baby gate up. The only problem is they knock down the gate 3 to 4 times a night. My husband won't let them sleep in the bedroom with us because he is a very light sleeper and the littlest sound wakes him up. I would put crates in the kitchen, but...
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    Eukanuba Dog Show

    Boxer won 1st place in Eukanuba Dog Show If anyone would like to know Derek, a beautiful boxer just won 1st place in the Eukanuba Tournament of Champions in PA! The dog was so pretty! Mom to Tippy flashy fawn female Rocky white with brindle patch
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    Hello from Memphis

    Hello everyone, I have two boxers. I have a 2 year old flashy fawn female named Tippy and a 1 year old white with brindle patch on hip male named Rocky. They are both wonderful dogs.
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    boxer inside house

    Hi everyone, This is my first time here, but I have a problem I am hoping you can help me with. My two boxers have been in and out dogs their whole life mainly because my husband says that they stink. They don't stink they are just dirty because they go outside to go to the bathroom...