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    Is it too late for another Boxer

    My boxer boy Cassius just turned 4 on march 6th and I was thinking about getting another boxer or maybe rescue a dog from the shelter for a playmate for him but some people tell me that its too late that Cassius would be jelouse and that I should have done it when he was younger what do you all...
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    Choking and scaring momma!!

    Cassius is always Choking when he eats I dont know if its because he eats to fast or if he is not chewing but it really scares me to death he also makes this weird noise when he is choking like a snore!!! Do any of your boxers choke when they eat?? Any sugjestions on what I can do to prevent...
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    Leave me to my beauty sleep!!!!

    Everyone says boxers are hyper not my Cassius he loves to sleep! Do any of your furbabies like to sleep as much as Cassius does??? ~Carla~
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    To crate or not to crate????

    Cassius is 3 years old now he is crated when ever we leave the house he doesn't seem to mind going in but I think its time to give him a little more freedom how do I know if he is ready??? ~Carla~
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    I can hold it forever!

    My boxer Cassius never wants to go out to relieve himself is this normal? He goes once in the morning forced! He goes on his afternoon walk willingly! Then I have to force him again before bed! This just doesn't seem like he is going enough. A couple of months ago he had a urinaty track...
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    Vacation what is a vacation?

    Hi,my boxer boy Cassius turned 3 in march, I have not been on vacation with my husband since we got him. We never even left him for one night! I feel guilty about boarding him in a kennel and do not trust anyone to watch him. Can anyone give me their oppinon on boarding a boxer? Thanks...
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    Hi Everyone!

    Hi everyone I am new to this group still trying to learn your format. My babys name is Cassius, he is a 3year old 90 lb fawn male with cropped ears and a docked tail. He is such a gentleman I can even leave his treats on a low table and he won't take them until I give them to him! ~Carla~