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  1. J

    From kennel to freedom of house????

    Bo is a yr and 1 month old now. I would like to eventually transition him to sleeping on a dog bed in our room at night stead of in his kennel, then from there start giving him more freedom while we are gone from the house for short periods of time so that one day way down the line he has full...
  2. J

    Freaked out by african american kids :(

    Our boxer (1 yr old) has had 3 different "freak out" moments over the kids down the street playing outside. I don't know if he is afraid of kids in general or if its just because they are a different color skin than hubby and I. I really don't know what to do about it but I am extremely...
  3. J

    Constantly Licking/Chewing Paws :(

    Bo is a yr old and has been licking his paws for the last 6 months. We've been to 2 different vets and they said he has environmental allergies and there's nothing we can do about it but give him cortizone shots. He's been on Cefpodpxime, Pred, and Metronidozle for his paws and coinciding gunky...
  4. J

    Mute Boy Found Voice & Guard Dog Role?

    Our boy just turned a year old about 2 weeks ago. We had never heard him bark, he only does this play growl when hubby is wrestling with him or they are playing. We have kinda gotten used to him being silent and kinda liked it that way. We are glad we did not get a yappy annoying dog! A...
  5. J

    Hungry Hungry Hippo...boxer?

    Our boy is a yr and a couple weeks old and weighs about 75-80 lbs. He is German bloodline if that matters. I wouldn't call him fat, but he has never been skinny by any means. Even as a baby he was a littke hunk and he's grown into this broad bodied, muscular boy and a very healthy eater. We...
  6. J

    Adding Another Puppy???

    We have a 9 month male right now and are looking to adopt a new baby. We want a female companion for him to play with spend his days with. We are curious how our male pup right now would do with a new baby puppy in the house? He is definitely still a puppy but hes also over 65 lbs . He LOVES...
  7. J

    Growth Spurt?

    Last month we took our (then 8 mo old male) to vet to get his trifexis and he weighed 50 lbs. This month we took him and we were shocked to find out he's now 65 lbs. we feed him taste of the wild puppy food. I know the bag says 2 cups twice a day but he gulps down 2 cups and wants more. Some...
  8. J

    Foot allergies?

    Our 8 month pup constantly licks his feet and they are red. They used to just be red on the bottom in between the pads but today I noticed the top of his toes and in between his toes are red too and he has white fur on his feet so its very noticeable. I'm wondering if this is done type of yeast...
  9. J

    Stop Eating My plants!!!

    Our puppy will be 8 months old next week. He has a thing for my cordyline plants in my back yard. I have 20+ of them lining the back of my fence and he will snap off a chunk and run around the yard with it wanting to play "keep away". Since day 1 we have yelled "No", trying to keep him out of...
  10. J

    Constantly licking feet

    Our puppy (7 Mo old) is constantly licking his feet, all four of them. He has always done this and we just try to get him to stop and move on but it's starting to get rather annoying and I'm getting worried he might have an OCD issue. He will lick his paws until they look all red and raw in...
  11. J

    Post-neutering super hungry & marking?

    Our dog is now 7.5 months old. We got him fixed about 3-4 weeks ago when he was 6.5 months old. He weighs 61 lbs as of today. I need help with two new problems Feeding: How much should we be feeding him now? Taste of the Wild bag says 3-4 cups a day but he is probably eating 5-6 cups a day...
  12. J

    Dog Friendly Cabins in Texas?

    We hate going on family vacations without our dog. Does anybody know of any pet friendly cabins on a lake in Texas that allow dogs to stay the night? We would love to bring our baby with us when we have our family vacation next summer. It's just not a family vacation without our furbaby :(
  13. J

    Dog Modeling?

    Just curious..has anybody ever gotten into dog modeling? How would someboody get involved in this? Might be kinda fun!
  14. J

    How would he do with a baby sister?

    I woke up today with this idea of getting another boxer :( I was totally content with just one and now all of a sudden I have this urge. I hate that! Our dog is almost 6 months old and he is a big ball of energy. I just kinda have this feeling to get him a "life partner", somebody to spend...
  15. J

    Is canned food bad?

    We were giving our puppy a spoon full of canned food mixed in with his regular dry food. It's not much at all but it was enough to get him interested in eating his meal. We would only give him a spoon full with breakfast. Lunch and dinner he was on his own with his dry food. This would ensure us...
  16. J

    Swimming and ear care

    I have a few questions. First, let me just say we took our 4 month old boxer to the lake today and he LOVED it. He splashed around and ran on the banks like a crazy dog. We would throw sticks and balls and would go swimming after them and bring them back. I was a nervous wreck the whole time...
  17. J

    Should we show?

    We are doing a dog obedience 6 week class with our 4 month old boy. They group running the obedience classes have a long history of showing, training, etc... From our first class they have been in awe if our puppy. They say he has the perfect markings, great color, and demeanor and that we...
  18. J

    Is He Old Enough to Take Jogging?

    I need to lose some weight and my puppy needs some exercise so when can we join together and get our butts into shape? He is 15 wks old, and about 30 lbs. My husband takes him on about at 10-15 minute walk every morning when we first wake up and then after 5 when he gets off work in the...
  19. J

    The humping must stop!

    I talked to the vet about this on Monday and allhe said to do was disvourage it but I'm kinda worried. Bo has a favorite toy he likes to play with and he likes to lay down and hold it between his feet and hump it while he's laying on his side. It kinda looks like hes riding a bicycle and...
  20. J

    Boxer World helped me to see better!

    I know this is odd but I just wanted to say thank you boxer world for showing me that my world doesn't have to be fuzzy! I mainly use this forum through my phone but have always struggled with how blurry the words are. I guess I've always struggled before but this site is what made it...