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  1. sandy's mom

    4 health dog food

    Bella ate it the first day, but that was it...
  2. sandy's mom

    4 health dog food

    Has anyone ever tried 4 Health Dog Food?
  3. sandy's mom

    Still Tossing her cookies..

    Do you know how my h pepcid to give? She is 55 lbs.
  4. sandy's mom

    Still Tossing her cookies..

    It seems that each year about this time Bella starts vomiting. She eats sticks, grass, etc... Even if I watch her, she still seems to get a taste. She was on prescription canned food for almost 2 weeks and did fine. Over the last 4 days, I have been weaning her back into a regular diet with a...
  5. sandy's mom

    My Sandy

    3 years ago today, we helped our beloved Sandy to the bridge. I still think about her all the time and still tear up. She was the best dog ever and our princess. Love you Sandy.
  6. sandy's mom

    One year and still missing my boy

    My Sandy will be at the bridge 3 years on Sunday and I still tear up when I think about her. Once they get in your heart they are there to stay.
  7. sandy's mom

    another UTI

    Bella is starting another round of anti biotics for a UTI in a month. all of this started a week or so after changing foods, but my vet says that is just a coincidence. I am not convinced. Does anyone give cranberry additives to their babies and could it be the food??? She eats Nutro...
  8. sandy's mom

    In the house... really...

    Bella had a UTI about 3 weeks ago, did the anti biotic for two weeks, been re-checked by the vet, then yesterday, she started peeing in the house, woke me up twice last night needing to go out... We were just at the vet's Thursday. She feels fine, no eating problems, etc. Of course, I am...
  9. sandy's mom

    Raine turns 4 today!

    Happy Birthday Raine... Mommy knows you will one day decide to be a grown dog... LOL loviconpartyicon
  10. sandy's mom

    Sam - my sweet soul

    Letting them go when it is time is one of the hardest things to do. It just breaks your heart. Remember the dog he was before he got sick and he will be in your heart forever. Boxer kisses to you...lovicon
  11. sandy's mom

    Mothers Day

    Happy Mothers Day all you Boxer Moms...
  12. sandy's mom

    help! My girl is digging up the flower beds

    Chicken wire or hardware cloth is good, just put it in your beds and put a little dirt over it, they do not enjoy the way it feels on their feet. Good Luck
  13. sandy's mom

    Romeo's Bucket List

    When we first found out our precious Sandy had cancer, we wanted to keep her as happy as possible... since she LOVED to eat... I cooked for her... anything she wanted... for one solid week, she ate bacon and eggs...then one week she wanted fish, each week was different. My entire family...
  14. sandy's mom

    What age did your puppy become "dog"?

    My Bella is 2 and a half and is still so puppy. She always wants to play and is always up to something, always excited and happy. So, this may be a phase your puppy is going through. Boxers do not mature fast... well, I have never had one that did... Good luck with your baby..
  15. sandy's mom

    Does your Boxer drink alot of water?

    My Bella drinks a lot of water, she plays as she drinks so there is always water in the floor... :)
  16. sandy's mom

    Why'd you choose boxers?

    Your vet was correct Jan. Every dog I have had throughout my life, I have compared to a boxer. I know that really isn't fair to the other breeds, but it just happens.
  17. sandy's mom

    Why'd you choose boxers?

    My Dad was always doing side jobs when I was a kid, he did some painting for a man when I was 2 years old, the man had no money to pay him, so he gave him his dog, which happened to be a boxer. She was the best dog ever. Her name was Pansy and she and I bonded immediately. My mom used to say...
  18. sandy's mom

    Bella hates the cold!

    My Bella loves the ice in the yard. She has been running circles in the yard for about 30 minutes... she did the same thing all day yesterday as it was sleeting... Herbie on the other hand stays inside beside the fire.
  19. sandy's mom

    How soon?

    We had to send our Sandy to the bridge in October of 2011 and about a month was all I could stand it. We brought Bella home right after Thanksgiving in 2011. My house is just not right without two dogs. :)
  20. sandy's mom

    My Boxer Babies Are Gone

    I lost Sandy and Napoleon just 6 months apart. That is a pain that will always be there, but it does get better. I know they are at the bridge together running and playing. Your babies are too, they have no more pain or problems. lovicon