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  1. sylviahopkins

    Cropped Ears

    I think either way is ok. Is it cosmetic, yes. Could you possibly have less problems with your dogs ears, yes. It goes both ways. I think when anyone throws out there cropping is cruel, it's just an opinion and not a fact. Both my dogs have cropped ears and the vet always comments how good...
  2. sylviahopkins

    Very IRRITATED!!!

    Why would she ask $150 for the boxer then? She adopts animals then sells them? Sorry if I don't understand.
  3. sylviahopkins

    Ears: Cropped or Natural?

    Both my boxer and dane had their ears cropped. I went through so much when my dane had them done (they were taped), but when by boxer got them done (he had them cut then glued to a crown, so no tape was involved and the wound was not covered) they healed in no time and we had no problems! So...
  4. sylviahopkins


    I would like to know, how do people train their dogs to be alone in the home and not make a mess. A mess would be anything from making a "mess" on the rug to chewing on something "off limits". Personally, I did this for my dane, and now for my boxer..I have a crate they are in until they are...
  5. sylviahopkins

    Boxer Attack

    Now we just got a letter in the mail from the Police Dept advising our dog needs to be quarantined for 10 days then brought to the vet to assure he doesn't have rabies, and I have to have the vet sign this form and send it back to the township. Also, they have Yoda noted as a "pit bull". When...
  6. sylviahopkins

    Boxer Attack

    Yoda had a very traumatizing experience last weekend, and I wound up in the ER! Myself and both my dogs (boxer and great dane) were all in the kitchen by the table. My kitchen chairs are metal and the backs are made up of poles that are wide at the top and extremely narrow at the bottom...
  7. sylviahopkins

    Great Dane & Boxer

    They are best buddies. When Yoda got neutered a few weeks back, he had to stay all day at the vet, and Zero was just so out of touch. Moped around, and just layed in the room we keep Yoda's crate...that he stays in during the day. Although, Yoda just can't help but bother Zero ALL the time...
  8. sylviahopkins

    Great Dane & Boxer

    I just posted 3 pictures. When you go to the gallery, type Dane & Boxer in the search, and make sure OR is checked. You will then see the 3 pictures of my boxer and dane together!
  9. sylviahopkins

    How do I modify picture size to fit??

    She's a cutie!
  10. sylviahopkins

    Boxer Traits

    I'm sure Jack has no problem jumping the gate! Boxers jump very high. Whenever I blocked Yoda in somewhere he jumps the's when I'm there shampooing the rug or mopping the floor, and he'll do it right in front of me. If you continue to have a problem, you may want to get a crate. I...
  11. sylviahopkins

    Boxer Traits

    My boxer does have the common traits, like: *Laying on carpet with legs back like frog *Jumping like a nut with his paws out in front, like a boxer! *Hating puddles *Eating the dust broom *Drags his feet *Likes to lay his head on the pillow at night *Puts paws under door and wines when we...
  12. sylviahopkins

    Boxer Traits

    Good luck with getting a boxer. They truely are a joy, although when they're puppies, like most puppies, those horns seem to come out a lot more than when they're adults. I find my boxer to be extremely affectionate, which sometimes can put you in a better mood. My boxer doesn't bark much...
  13. sylviahopkins

    first time posting

    I didn't get my boxer as a gift, but my other dog my husband and I gave to eachother as a valentine gift..our first valentine actually! I must say, giving a dog is one of the best gift...the gift that keeps on giving!!
  14. sylviahopkins

    New Member

    I think my Yoda understands, but just doesn't listen. Lucky for you to have a well trained dog! There's nothing like it!
  15. sylviahopkins

    Multiple Pictures

    Ok, I did a little exploring and figured out how to get my picture just right to attach to my profile. Now, how do I add more than one picture, or have one picture flip to another back and forth? Does any body know?
  16. sylviahopkins

    Great Dane & Boxer

    That's for sure, the little one definately keeps the big one on his toes! And the little one always has to have what the big one wants or wines and's nuts! The little one will come up and just grab whatever the big one has his his mouth and run! The boxer is definately a lot faster...
  17. sylviahopkins

    Woo Hoo !! :D

    Sounds great! Good Luck!
  18. sylviahopkins

    Great Dane & Boxer

    It seems like a wierd mix, but that's what I have. My big guy and my little guy. I love them both, although that cute little boxer face gets me every time. The only problem I have is when my boxer and dane really start playing, my dane sometimes looks like he's playing too rough. Maybe I'm...
  19. sylviahopkins

    what's a good breed for people who work all day?

    I'm with most of the others in looking into a rescue, but also be careful. You don't know how that dog was treated, and don't know if they have any behavioral issues because of it. But, for the most part, dogs are forgiving animals, so, I hate to say this, but even if they were slightly abused...
  20. sylviahopkins

    Best boxer playmate?

    I have to say the Great Dane. I have one, and am extremely fond of them. I know I'll always have a Great Dane. My boxer is a pup still and is crazy! They're always playing, and because of my boxer, my dane gets great excercise. Before I got my boxer, my dane would love to relax most of the...