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    ear licking wierd?

    Hi everyone its been a while since I've been on here, our dizzy and jack (our rescue has been here for over a year now) are best buddies, Jack does this ear licking thing and i was wandering if anyone knows what its all about, is he trying to be dominant. He licks dizzys ears all the time...
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    Update on Jack our Rescue Boy

    Hi everyone just thought I would give you all an update on Jack our rescue boy as we have had him for three months now. He is such a loveing boy, him and dizzy are best of buddies. He has put on nearly all the weight he needs to, he just doesn't have the chest mass yet, but I am sure it will...
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    Yuck Fox & Badger Poo

    Dizzy has taken to behaving like a terrier she keeps finding badger or fox poo and rubbing her neck in to it like she's found a free bottle of chanel no 5! She never used to do this but my friends terrier types have always done it. I thought it was the terrier in them trying to cover up their...
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    Will a Whistle Help

    Jack has been with us for 5 days now, he is getting much better but he cant be let off his lead in public as he is too full on for other peoples dogs. We take him on a lead walk each morning where we know there will be lots of other dogs to socialise him with then take him for a run in the...
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    Socializing an Adult dog

    We have just got Jack from a rescue centre and he has clearly not been socialized with other dogs, he has been here for 72 hours and is just about settled with dizzy but i took him out with my friend and her dog today and he was an absolute nightmare, I kept him on a lead so he draged me round...
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    Goning to meet Jack

    We are off to meet Jack tomorow morning - he is in a rescue centre about 100 miles away from us. He is two and apparently spent 10 hours a day on his own so his owners gave him up. Here's crossing fingers and paws that dizzy takes a shine to him and him her so he can come home with us.
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    very sick puppy

    We have a new puppy who is 14 weeks old and so very sick - For about 2 weeks now she has been sick, dioreaha - the vet first thought she had a bacterial infection because she was running a 102 temperature and treated her with anti biotics, put her on a drip and got some fluids into her. She...
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    Hello My dog is called George he came to us as someone else didn't want him his is very handsome brindle although very poorly at present. Sam x
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    George's fits - pheonbarbitone

    My 16 month old boxer George has had a really awful couple of weeks. He had an epileptic style fit on Sunday morning a couple of weeks ago. The vet said not to worry it may be a one off. Then on the Thursday afternoon he started fitting and wouldn't stop. We took him to the vet who had to...