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  1. Widges

    Billy just turned 10!

    Hello, I haven't posted much since moving back to the UK, although I have been reading posts! Billy has slowed down lots over the past year or so. His arthritis has spread to his front legs now, he has a few fatty lumps and bumps - but he is still the best. Happy 10th Birthday Billy.
  2. Widges

    Sharing our Boy

    Hello everyone has been a while since I posted on here. Billy just turned 9 and is doing great, although he is a little slower and a lot greyer!! I am getting divorced, no biggie - remain great friends with my ex, just drifted apart unfortunately. We are happily sharing childcare...
  3. Widges

    A Lump

    So, Billy must be getting to 'that' age now. I have recently found a lump on his left hand shoulder. At first I just thought that it was one of his microchips that maybe irritating him. In just under a week or so it has grown to be about the size of a golf ball. It is not bothering him...
  4. Widges

    Spinal Spondylitis?

    Hello, Billy does have an appointment with the specialist. Just wondering if anyone else has had dealings with this. Billy has spinal spondylitis. In case you do not know what this is, it is similar to arthritis, with bone spurs forming on the vertebrae. With Billy his vertebrae have...
  5. Widges

    Fingers crossed it is just soft tissue damage

    So I take Billy out for his usual romp before work this morning. Off he goes into the woods and comes back 'skipping' to me. I think something is in his paw so check - no nothing there. He is then crated for a couple of hours whilst I am at work, I was thinking resting it would help. Still...
  6. Widges

    Knee Injury

    So, Billy seems to have partially torn his cruciate (SP). He is on complete rest for 10 days and anti-inflammatory meds & pain relief. No steps, no stairs, no couch and on lead to go into the garden to do his business. Fingers crossed we will see some improvement, if not I guess it will be...
  7. Widges

    Possible Hip Problems?

    Hi I am hoping someone can offer me a little insight into this. Recently, over the past couple of days, Billy has started to sit on his side. It started when I asked him for a sit before feeding. He was very hesitant, he would start to sit then stand & he did this a couple of times...
  8. Widges


    Hello Friends, I have not posted in a while, but I have been reading. I am now coming to you for advice. I work at an emergency vet (lucky me). I noticed Billy had a lump in his mouth today, not too sure how long it has been there. I usually check his teeth every couple of weeks - but...
  9. Widges

    Billy + Snow = Fun

    Just a couple of new pics. Billy may hate the rain but he seems to LOVE the snow. Enjoy. Snow Fun :: SNOW FUN slideshow by Sarahwidge - Photobucket
  10. Widges

    Billy V's The English weather!!

    Since moving back to Southern England from Southern California te have been very lucky with the weather. Now the downpour has started & it is beating Billy's butt!! No matter where we are on our walks, as soon as the rain starts to get a bit heavy Billy runs full pelt to the car & slides...
  11. Widges

    Great romp today

    I just had to share. I took Billy for his walk today and meet 2 Otter hounds in the fields. Billy had they best time romping with them. I have never actually seen an Otter hound in the flesh - they are quite gorgeous.
  12. Widges

    American Boy looking very British!

    Hello all, Billy has settled in very well, here he is looking very British. I'm sure he still barks with a Californian accent though!!! Please excuse the plastic on the carpet - it was to protect it while we had the movers in & out all day long.
  13. Widges

    Billy got bit (again) - long

    OK - I know that Billy was not socialised before we rescued him, and I thought we had done a pretty good job with him. He is now able to go for walks & runs with other medium/large dogs. He still has issues with small dogs. I am now having doubts about how well we have done. I had just...
  14. Widges

    Walking in the rain

    Hi, I have been very lucky with the weather since moving back to the UK. Today thought, it poured & poured with rain. Billy was so very funny, I took him out onto Salisbury Plain for a nice free romp and the silly boy stayed at my side under my umbrella. He ventured out long enough to do...
  15. Widges

    Billy killed the 'phone!

    Hi, Billy has done great since moving back to the UK, he has free run of the house now - no crate for him anymore. YIPPEE. Anyway, I was out at tennis yesterday when my DH phones me. Here is our conversation DH - Hi, can you call in the shop and get a new house phone? ME - Why? Ours...
  16. Widges

    Off Leash Romps!

    Hello, Well, we have been back in the UK now for 4 days and it has taken Billy no time at all to get used to off leash romps. We are staying with my parents whilst waiting for our furniture to arrive. Behind where they live they have a dis-used railway track - it goes for about 2 miles and...
  17. Widges

    Uk Residents - Food Supply

    Hello, I used to be able to buy Billy Wellness Core from my local pet store in the USA. I have not manages to find any over here in the UK. Can anyone suggest where I can buy him some good quality food either stores or internet companies that you use. I have tried to search although not...
  18. Widges

    Billy got ambushed lastnight.

    I took Billy over the field last night as usual. He had a total blast running through the sprinklers for about 20 minutes - it was so much fun to watch. We leave and head home - as we are walking back a couple are on the other side of the road walking their border collie and Parsons Terrier...
  19. Widges

    3 Year Birthday with us

    Hello, We adopted Billy from the local animal shelter 3 years ago today! We were told he was approx 2 so today we are celebrating his 5th birthday. Happy Birthday Billy.
  20. Widges

    Dodgers Rock

    My 9 year old son is literally obsessed with the Dodgers. As we are moving back to the UK in 2 weeks we have getting him to as many games as possible. Well last night he was in Dodger heaven!! We sent them an e-mail saying we were returning to the UK and saying how much Harry has enjoyed...