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    Sick alpha

    My parents had two dogs that got along quite well. There was a clearly established alpha dog, Sophie. Sophie had been sick for awhile and near the end her appetite was increased. She seemed ravenous. Cooper, who never had issues emptying his bowl before, was now leaving half, if not more, food...
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    Small testes

    My 4 month old male boxer has small testes. He does have two and they dropped when he was about 9weeks old. However, they don't appear to be growing with him. Is this normal?
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    Lilly & Marshall's momma says hello!

    About a year ago my boyfriend and I decided we REALLY needed a dog. After several months of research and pleading with the landlord to put a pet policy together, we finally got our beautiful brindle babe, Lilly Valentine. When we brought our 8 week old home in September we fell in LOVE with her...