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  1. sandy's mom

    4 health dog food

    Has anyone ever tried 4 Health Dog Food?
  2. sandy's mom

    Still Tossing her cookies..

    It seems that each year about this time Bella starts vomiting. She eats sticks, grass, etc... Even if I watch her, she still seems to get a taste. She was on prescription canned food for almost 2 weeks and did fine. Over the last 4 days, I have been weaning her back into a regular diet with a...
  3. sandy's mom

    My Sandy

    3 years ago today, we helped our beloved Sandy to the bridge. I still think about her all the time and still tear up. She was the best dog ever and our princess. Love you Sandy.
  4. sandy's mom

    another UTI

    Bella is starting another round of anti biotics for a UTI in a month. all of this started a week or so after changing foods, but my vet says that is just a coincidence. I am not convinced. Does anyone give cranberry additives to their babies and could it be the food??? She eats Nutro...
  5. sandy's mom

    In the house... really...

    Bella had a UTI about 3 weeks ago, did the anti biotic for two weeks, been re-checked by the vet, then yesterday, she started peeing in the house, woke me up twice last night needing to go out... We were just at the vet's Thursday. She feels fine, no eating problems, etc. Of course, I am...
  6. sandy's mom

    Mothers Day

    Happy Mothers Day all you Boxer Moms...
  7. sandy's mom

    Just a picture

    someone posted a picture on facebook a couple of days ago of two boxers, one male, beautiful flashy and a female, fawn, a little older with a white face... They looked way too much like Sandy and Napoleon... I was useless for the rest of the day. I couldn't do anything but cry... I still miss...
  8. sandy's mom


    For some reason, Bella has started growling at other dogs. She has been fine, except at the dog park, but today, she growled at a dog about twice her size at Petsmart. I was so embarrassed. We have socialized her well, or at least, I thought we had.. Any ideas what could cause this reaction.
  9. sandy's mom

    Important reminder

  10. sandy's mom

    kiss, kiss, kisss....

    My Bella LOVES my two year old granddaughter, maybe a little too much. She is gentle with her, and plays well, but, she wants to kiss her in the face constantly. We of course, tell her no and pull her away, but she goes right back. Does anyone know how to teach her not to do this.
  11. sandy's mom

    valve in tummy

    Bella is still unable to keep all her food down, we have tried so many different meds. the veg suggested a barium x ray, which we did, no blockages, which is a good thing. However, it seems the valve in her tummy that allows food to go into the intestines is not opening properly. has...
  12. sandy's mom

    excessive vomiting

    My poor Bella, she just can't seem to keep food in her tummy. She is so skinny, it just breaks my heart. Monday, the vet did a series of barium x-rays to see if something is stuck in her system, nothing really significant. He is sending them to Auburn for a second opinion, apparently there is...
  13. sandy's mom

    My sweet boy

    It has now been a year since we said goodbye to my sweet Napoleon, I still tear up everytime I see a picture or someone says his name. He was so needy all the time with his allergies. I hope he and Sandy are together and playing at the rainbow bridge. RIP my Little Boy Dog.
  14. sandy's mom

    Low fat weight gain

    Bella is on a low fat diet because of pancreatitus and is doing very well. Except for the fact that she is so skinny. She eats well and has not been sick. Even my vet has made a comment about her being so thin. Does anyone know what I can feed her to gain weight? The problem is that it...
  15. sandy's mom

    eating sticks

    Bella is eating sticks and my vet thinks this is part of her tummy troubles. At first she just chewed, but now she eats them. If she can't find a stick, she will dig up a root... We have sprinkled cayene pepper on them, soaked them in tobasco sauce and told no millions of times... I am...
  16. sandy's mom

    another sick one.

    Bella has been diagnosed with Pancretitus... and her vet has recommended a low fat food. While in the pet food store, I picked up Chicken Soup for the Dog Lovers Soul, Adult light. It only has 6% crude fat and 20% protein. Does anyone know if this is a good combination? She has been really...
  17. sandy's mom


    My Bella is now 18 months old and all of a sudden, she can not hear or behave. She has also started being distructive and jumping on my kitchen counters. She has always been a digger, but never chewed furniture or anything else in the house. I do remember Napoleon going through this, but...
  18. sandy's mom

    New Baby

    We have a new baby at our house... no it is not a boxer... :) he is part Dachund and part jack russel terrier... It was either my house or the pound and I couldn't allow that to happen. He is absolutely a joy... Bella thinks she has a new toy tha bites... His name is Herbie and he is...
  19. sandy's mom

    Napoleon's 9th birthday.

    Today would have been Napoleon's 9th birthday. Happy birthday Little Boy Dog... We all love you...
  20. sandy's mom

    Changing food

    Bella is starting to lick and chew on her paws so I decided it was time to change foods. She has been on Natural Balance fish and sweet potato for a while now, we tried TOTW puppy, but her tummy didn't tolerate it well. I bought a small bag of Earthborn but after reading some of the...