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  1. sylviahopkins


    I would like to know, how do people train their dogs to be alone in the home and not make a mess. A mess would be anything from making a "mess" on the rug to chewing on something "off limits". Personally, I did this for my dane, and now for my boxer..I have a crate they are in until they are...
  2. sylviahopkins

    Boxer Attack

    Yoda had a very traumatizing experience last weekend, and I wound up in the ER! Myself and both my dogs (boxer and great dane) were all in the kitchen by the table. My kitchen chairs are metal and the backs are made up of poles that are wide at the top and extremely narrow at the bottom...
  3. sylviahopkins

    Multiple Pictures

    Ok, I did a little exploring and figured out how to get my picture just right to attach to my profile. Now, how do I add more than one picture, or have one picture flip to another back and forth? Does any body know?
  4. sylviahopkins

    Great Dane & Boxer

    It seems like a wierd mix, but that's what I have. My big guy and my little guy. I love them both, although that cute little boxer face gets me every time. The only problem I have is when my boxer and dane really start playing, my dane sometimes looks like he's playing too rough. Maybe I'm...
  5. sylviahopkins

    How do I modify picture size to fit??

    I have a picture scanned and saved, and keep trying to shrink the size of the picture to add but whenever I do, it keeps saying too big. How do I modify the pixels to be 64 X 64?
  6. sylviahopkins

    New Baby

    We have a new 8 month old boxer..actually we got him last August. We also have a Great Dane who's 3 years old, and they get along great! The Boxer is definatley a cutie and loves his mommie! My husband and I are truely dog lovers and my husband has wanted a boxer for a long time, and I must...