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  1. RoxiesEcho

    Bella's an angel now

    I don't get on here as much as I used to, but for those of you who may remember us, I'm here to say that Bella got her wings on Saturday. She has been battling degenerative myelopathy for the last couple of years and was completely down in the back. She was getting sores on her feet from...
  2. RoxiesEcho

    Happy 8th birthday

    I don't post so much anymore but I still lurk and keep up with what's going on. I'm here to celebrate Bella's 8th birthday! It seems like just yesterday I brought her into our family and then found Boxer World. I knew nothing about boxers when we got her, but now I can't imagine my life...
  3. RoxiesEcho

    Watery eye

    Bella has had a watery eye for a couple of weeks. It was a little red and she would rub it and blink a lot. I took her to the vet on the 14th and they could not see any scratches or bumps. She got a cortisone shot and some eye drops that we were to use for 10 days. It's still watery but not red...
  4. RoxiesEcho

    Bella hates the cold!

    Poor Bella, she so hates this cold weather. Between the sub-zero temperatures and the LP gas shortage which has caused us to lower our thermostat, she is even more snuggly than normal. This morning I literally had to shove her out the door. I've never seen her pee so fast! :)
  5. RoxiesEcho

    Happy New Year!

    I wish everyone a happy & healthy New Year! May 2014 bring all of our boxer babies many burns and butt wiggles and that they bring continued joy to us all.
  6. RoxiesEcho

    My nurse maid

    Yesterday I had some surgery on my foot and Bella doesn't know quite what to make of it. I was worried about her snuggling with me, afraid that she would hit it but she lays behind my legs with her head on my ankle. Hubby said last night she would get up and go in the bedroom to check on me...
  7. RoxiesEcho

    UGH - Backyard breeders

    So we have a new sales associate at work who has 4 dogs, one of which is a chocolate lab puppy. They have found a breeder of "silver" labs in southern Ohio who is selling puppies for $1200 and now they want to buy one and start breeding, obviously for money. I've gently told her that silver...
  8. RoxiesEcho

    Christmas card photos

    I finally took this years Christmas card photos. Bella is always so accommodating, the boys not so much. These are the 3 that we settled on for this year. I can't believe how grey Bella's face is getting.
  9. RoxiesEcho

    Hurricane Sandy

    To everyone in the midst of hurricane Sandy, please stay safe until this pushy lady blows herself out.
  10. RoxiesEcho

    Halloween party 2012

    Today was the annual Halloween party at our training facility. Bella was a fairy this year. She is such a good sport and came home with a big bag full of treats!
  11. RoxiesEcho

    Is aggression hereditary?

    Bella's father was aggressive to other dogs, so much so that when Bella was about a year old we took her back to the people that we got her from and they had to put Brutus in another room so that there were no issues. We have never had any problems with Bella's temperment but I've always kept...
  12. RoxiesEcho

    Bella turns 6!

    Tomorrow is Bella's 6th birthday. I can't believe it, it just doesn't seem possible that she has been with us this long. I never thought that when I brought her home that she would become my heart dog. I haven't decided what we will do special for her tomorrow but I'll figure something out...
  13. RoxiesEcho

    Proud of my mom

    Today my mom's choral group performed at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. I just wish I could have been there to watch but someone had to stay home and take care of her cats. My sister got to babysit the dog. I think of all of the huge talents that have performed and been honored on...
  14. RoxiesEcho

    Random boxer items to share

    These aren't really boxer photos so I thought I would post them here. My friend Kellie recently went to Niagara Falls and brought me home a bottle of wine from Niagara Landing Wine Cellars. This is their most popular wine - Boxer Blush. I haven't decided if I'm going to open it or keep it...
  15. RoxiesEcho

    Fingers crossed for Macy Grey

    Fingers crossed and good vibes would be appreciated for my cat Macy Grey. She's the feral kitty that was born in our barn 2 years ago. She is an outside cat but is usually inside when we are home. Wednesday night she didn't eat all of her food but that is not too unusual, she isn't a chow...
  16. RoxiesEcho

    Finally.....high speed!

    OMG I feel like a kid in a candy store! We live in a rural area and have been hit by roadblock upon roadblock to get some sort of high speed internet service. Finally today we got hooked up and I can finally get on BW from home. With our old dial-up I always had a solitaire game open to play...
  17. RoxiesEcho

    Christmas card photos 2011

    For this years Christmas cards I tried to get pictures of the dogs outside with hats and scarves. I thought I would share the ones I had to choose from. Bella with just a scarf. Then with the scarf and a head band. This didn't...
  18. RoxiesEcho

    The pathology report

    I picked up Bella's pathology report last night. From what I can decipher, I think it looks good but I know we have some experts here that can help me. Haired skin and subcutis: Infiltrating and expanding the dermis and extending into the subcutis, there is an unencapsulated and poorly...
  19. RoxiesEcho

    Benadryl & Pepcid AC

    Since Bella had the MCT removed I've decided to start her on Benadryl. But how often and how much of the Pepcid AC do I give her so she doesn't get an upset stomach?
  20. RoxiesEcho

    Brave Boxer - RIP Duncan

    Just caught this story on the web. A 3 1/2 year old boxer saved his owner from a fire but didn't make it out. RIP Duncan angelicon You were a very good boy. Dog Dies After Saving Owner During Fire - ABC News