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  1. brinnae

    Ali - female Brindle puppy

    Here's our new puppy! She's adorable! We've named her Ali after Muhammed Ali haha. Let me know what you think and if you have any questions. I'll try to get some pics up of her stacking better... Ali walking in her new harness(its kinda big)...
  2. brinnae

    Advice for a Novice :)

    As stated in my Intro thread, I am very intersted in becoming a Junior Handler. I know that raising and showing dogs is a huge responsibility and I would like to know if anyone has advice for a newcomer. I would like to show Boxers, of course! I am not new to the breed and I often watch dog...
  3. brinnae

    New from Arizona

    Hi! My name is Tye, but I go by my middle name Brinnae. (whichever you choose works for me!) I am located near the White Mountains in Arizona. Animals have been my passion since I was little. I just recently lost my first Boxer, Kerra. She was a white Boxer with a brown face and black...