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    Is it too late for another Boxer

    My boxer boy Cassius just turned 4 on march 6th and I was thinking about getting another boxer or maybe rescue a dog from the shelter for a playmate for him but some people tell me that its too late that Cassius would be jelouse and that I should have done it when he was younger what do you all...
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    Amounts of dog food

    Cassius is 3 1/2 years old he eats 2 cups of dry food with 2 tablespoons of gravy mixed in once a day at about 1 or 2 pm, with a few biscuts mixed in he is 90 pounds and very tall he eat Pedigree dog food.
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    Choking and scaring momma!!

    Cassius is always Choking when he eats I dont know if its because he eats to fast or if he is not chewing but it really scares me to death he also makes this weird noise when he is choking like a snore!!! Do any of your boxers choke when they eat?? Any sugjestions on what I can do to prevent...
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    vocal yawning!

    Cassius yawns out loud all the time he also barks in his sleep when he is dreaming!!!! ~Carla~
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    Naming a puppy

    My boy's name is Cassius and I already picked out a name if I get another boxer boy how about Brutus??? ~Carla~
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    Different Registered Name?

    My baby's name is Emperor Cassius de Corona. We wanted to call him Cassius after the famous boxer Cassius Clay also know as Muhammud Ali, Cassius was also a roman emperor and Corona was the last name of the breeder we purchased him from. ~Carla~
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    How big is your baby?

    Cassius is 90 pounds with very long legs and not an ounce of fat on him he only eats 2 cups of kibble a day and a few cookies!!! He thinks he is a lap dog and doesn't realize how heavy he is!!!!! ~Carla~
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    Does your boxer sleep soundly!!!

    Cassius runs, kicks, punches, snores, twitches, barks, howls, moans, pushes me over and tries to push me off the bed! It fun sharing your bed with a 90 lb spoiled furbaby!!!! ~Carla~
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    Does your boxer love all dogs?

    Cassius loves all dogs, cats, everybody and everthing!! The other night we were eating outside on the deck and he was playing with a caterpiller is was so funny he kept pushing it with his nose but he wouldn't hurt it! ~Carla~
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    What happened to my sweet baby??

    I guess I am lucky the worst thing that my boy Cassius did was put a few scratches in the legs of my kitchen chairs and that was when he was only a couple of months old I also used "the can" maybe that is the answer!!! He is 3 now and a perfect gentlman except he won't come when called...
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    Boxer's Ears

    Cassius's ears are cropped I had them done when he was 10 weeks old. He was put to sleep when they did it so he didn't feel a thing and the stitches disolve. When I took him home after the operation he was fine just a little sleepy he never scratched at them or cried in pain when I touched them...
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    Cassius was put to sleep at 11 week when I had his ears cropped I don't know what they used but he was just fine. He was put to sleep again when he was neutered and it was a major sugery because he was chriptorcid I don't know if I spelled that right and he was fine again so I wouldn't...
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    Question on feeding Nutro

    Cassius was on Nutro from the breeder but when I took him home I noticed a lot of vomiting and diarhea so I took him off the Nutro and put him on Pedigree and he has done fine ever since but the poo slowed down aroung two 1/2 to 3 years he poops once a day now I think its and age thing...
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    Leave me to my beauty sleep!!!!

    Cassius is 3 years old. He goes to bed about 6:30 pm sleeps until I wake him at about 6 am right before I go to work,I crate him when I assume he is sleeping, i get home around 2 pm take him to the park feed him when we get back he plays awhile with my husband when he get home around 3 pm hangs...
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    Leave me to my beauty sleep!!!!

    Everyone says boxers are hyper not my Cassius he loves to sleep! Do any of your furbabies like to sleep as much as Cassius does??? ~Carla~
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    Strange fears

    The only thing Cassius is afraid of is "the can" when he was a puppy and I was trying to train him the trainer told me to fill a soda can with some pennies when he is doing something wrong throw it to the ground near him I could never get myself to throw it so all I did was shake it once it...
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    watching television...

    My Cassius like to watch TV too every time he sees another dog he runs to the TV screen and gives him or her a big kiss!!! ~Carla~
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    To crate or not to crate????

    Cassius is 3 years old now he is crated when ever we leave the house he doesn't seem to mind going in but I think its time to give him a little more freedom how do I know if he is ready??? ~Carla~
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    Woo-wooing at the food dish???

    Cassius doesn't bring his food elsewhere or tip it over but he used to woo woo and bark at it when he was a puppy all the time he is 3 now and only does it once in a while!!! Maybe their just happy to be getting fed!!!! ~Carla~
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    Dreaming& sleeping on pillows

    Cassius dreams all the time and he kicks in his sleep too! He loves pillows too if there is no pillow to be found he uses the arm of the couch or my lap!!! ~Carla~