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  1. joeys mom

    My sweet Chance :(

    I am no longer a boxer mom ☹ We lost our boy Chance 3 weeks ago today … he lost his fight with cancer. He fought hard and stayed with me for as long as his sweet little body couldn’t take it anymore. I promised him I would not let him suffer once we got the diagnosis and knew when it was time to...
  2. joeys mom


    Has anyone given their pup melatonin? Chance is NOT SLEEPING at all .... He is on Prednisone 1 pill both am and pm .... he probably will be for quit some time if not the rest of his life ( due to Cancer) We are desperate to get some sleep at my house. He is just like a little new born baby and...
  3. joeys mom

    The dreaded "C" word AGAIN :( Epitheliotropic Lymphoma

    I haven't posted anything on what we have been battling the last 9 months. Chance has been having some serious skin issues that we have been working on to figure out what was going on .... after 2 doctors ( left the old one and went to a new with this issue) hundreds of $$$, we finally got a...
  4. joeys mom

    Prednisone .... oh how i hate it!!!

    So Chance has had some serious skin issues ... after doing a biopsy and possible cancer scare ... we still don’t know exactly what is going on BUT have just started prednisone.... and it has helped with the issue at hand ... BUT OMG I hate giving my boy steroids... since starting the steroids...
  5. joeys mom


    5 years ago today we saved out sweet boy from a lonely life on a chain ..... the past 5 years have flown by and been such a blessing to all of us!!!!! The day we brought him home ... 55 lbs and now .... spoiled rotten and 95 lbs loveicon
  6. joeys mom


    Whether it be a skin kid of fur baby HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all of our Boxer world moms (or mums) loveicon
  7. joeys mom


    Chance acts crazy every time he goes out in the snow. And I mean every time - every potty break looks like this :)
  8. joeys mom


    This was a thread years ago and was fun to read so I thought will all of the new members it might be fun to do again .......PLUS one of my many peeves has been getting the best of me the last few weeks!!!! I have MANY peeves but one of my biggest is when someone licks their fingers to separate...
  9. joeys mom

    I agree .....

    Is this not the truth!
  10. joeys mom


    And this is how Chance sleeps now that it has finally gotten a bit chilly..... he absolutely did NOT want to get up this morning :(
  11. joeys mom


    SENDING MANY MANY PRAYERS for all of our BW friends affected by Hurricane Matthew (human and furry) Stay safe!!!!!!! loveicon
  12. joeys mom


    I will be traveling to Alaska in August and I am trying to decide on fights .... my dilemma/question is this... I found a flight going that is only 10hrs travel time verses 18/19 hr travel time with several hour lay overs. The shortest of the 2 choices ( I dont have a lot of choices) has 1...
  13. joeys mom


    Now that the summer weather is here we are spending most of the evenings outside and Chance LOVES being out side chilling around the yard and garage with us and this means he is laying on the garage floor, yard and drive way a lot. Even during the day when we are at work Chance has free roam of...
  14. joeys mom


    I cant believe I have had my sweet boy 2 years today! He is such a joy and a Good boy too. He has changed so much over the last 2 years with us that it amazing. He has learned so many things and taught us a thing or too! I love my boy lovecion
  15. joeys mom

    who is chasing who? .... hehehe

    Quoted from the lady that posted this video... just so people don't think either is in danger.... "These two are quite silly together and always up to some sort of shenanigans. There is never a dull moment on the farm. Enjoy!" There are a lot of mean comments on this post (on youtube) but I...
  16. joeys mom


    LOOK WHO IS 4 TODAY!!!! When I took him from his previous owners they knew his birthday and even sent me a photo of him when he was a baby..... look at him now.... we just love with all of our hearts loveicon fiestaicon
  17. joeys mom

    Black boxer ???

    Can you please help me here .... I have always heard there is no such thing as a "black" boxer.... Having said that my neighbor just got a new to them fur baby and it has all of the boxer traits ... Looks like a boxer, acts goofy like a boxer etc. everything about this boy is "boxer" ... He...
  18. joeys mom

    Does your boxer....

    I just have to ask... For those of us that let our fur babies share our beds, When your fur babies are ready for bed, do they just go get into bed and go to sleep? Mine does. Chance is our second boxer and just like our first, when he is tired and ready to retire for the night he goes and gets...
  19. joeys mom

    5 Differences Of A Boxer Dog From All Other Dogs

    I thought this was perfectly said - A Boxer dog can be funny, cute, sweet and all that; but all other dogs can be like that too. Find out the difference between a Boxer dog from the rest of the dog species, you will be totally amazed and love them even more! 1. Dogs: When dogs are happy they...
  20. joeys mom


    To all of the BW mothers as well as the ones that only have fur babies.