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  1. daizysmom


    Today marks the 'official' first day of football season in our home!! High school tonight, then college tomorrow, then pro on sunday, monday...Im sure you get it! We already have our outfits planned for each game. Anybody else out there an avid fan? What teams do you follow?
  2. daizysmom

    Grandpa is here!

    Havent been on in a while, but after watching my daizy tonight, I just have to share. Its been about 6 months since my father has been able to come for a visit so we decided to take advantage of the long weekend, and start a little early, and have him come for several days. Everyone has been...
  3. daizysmom

    Daizy feels neglected

    Well, the skin kids are officially back in school and Daizy is NOT happy about it. I had to work yesterday so I didn't get to see first hand how lonely she was but I was home today and couldn't even go to the bathroom alone! I sat in the recliner, she sat on my lap, I did the dishes, she laid on...
  4. daizysmom

    Daizy got a new....Squeaky toy????

    When I originally brought this toy home I called it a "long-haired chihuahua", and I believed that it was a gift for my son. Boy, moms don't know anything!! After about two hours, this sweet little 2 pound baby became Daizys favorite play thing. All other toys have been forgotten in favor of...
  5. daizysmom

    Daizy is 1!

    Yesterday my sweet girl celebrated her first birthday. I never realized that she would be such a complete joy! I am so thankful to be her mom. Happy birthday to my youngest baby!
  6. daizysmom

    She was pregnant!

    Well, after assuming Daizy was having some major famale issues, we took her to be spayed today. Turns out she was pregnant and her vet didn't know until it was too late! None of us had any idea! I can only think of one time when she was left unattended and that was when my husband let her stay...
  7. daizysmom

    Infected uterus?

    Ive always had female dogs but they have been spayed, so the problem that Daizy is having is new to me. I had an appointment to have her spayed and she came in season before the scheduled date. Her vet wanted me to wait until she came out before doing surgery. That was 5 weeks ago and shes still...
  8. daizysmom

    Galveston or Crystal Beach, Tx area?

    My family has a years long love affair with Galveston and Bolivar Pen, Tx. We plan on visiting this summer and seeing what is left of our beloved area after Ike. This will be our first time to take Daizy and I really need some dog-friendly advice. Any places that welcome dogs, pet-friendly beach...
  9. daizysmom

    Female rescue, can this work?

    While looking online at our local animal shelter, I found a female boxer that is absolutely beautiful. She only weighs about 45lbs and is shorter than Daizy who is 7mo. They think she's about 8 years old and was mainly used for breeding. I took my kids in to see how she would react and she was...
  10. daizysmom

    Daizy needs a new friend.

    This morning we lost our beloved Boomer due to other peoples ignorance. It is a drastic blow to our family, but I have to think ahead to my family and Daizys well-being. Boomer kept Daizy occupied in the back yard every day while I work and I don't know how she's going to react to being alone. I...
  11. daizysmom

    America's Funniest Videos?

    Did any one watch AFV Sunday night? They had a really great clip about boxers and then their challenge was to send in videos of the funny things that boxers do. I'm sure that Daizy feels like I'm stalking her now cause I can't wait to get just the right clip!
  12. daizysmom

    Daizy is a WATERDOG

    I have to brag about my sweet girl! My family went to the lake last weekend and took Daizy with us, not sure how she would react to the water. She positively shocked us! The water temperature was perfect so as soon as we got there, the kids jumped right in. Well Daizy didn't miss a beat, she...
  13. daizysmom

    Yay! Peanut butter and Kongs!

    So, Daizy discovered her kong with peanut butter 2 days ago and the peace and quiet is awesome! I never knew she would enjoy it this much. Here's my problem though-she know's where the peanut butter comes from! When she manages to lick it all out, she takes the kong and stands by the kitchen...
  14. daizysmom


    Hello to all! I am the fairly new mom to Daizy, my 10 week old fawn boxer. Who knew you could fall completely in love with a dog?! I'm looking forward to much advice and learning!