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    When I first came here, someone told me how to put pics beside my name. Well, I did it and now I want to update them,but don't remember how I did it. There was a program that I got a link for from here, but after resetting my computer, I lost it and can't remember what it was. Any ideas or...
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    Our newest addition

    We adopted a very sweet 8 month old brindle girl. Her name is Zoey and she is fitting in great. Our other girls are happy to have a new sister. We are getting her started in basic obedience and will go from there. I have pics if anyone would like to see.
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    Caring for pregnant Boxer

    We are fostering a pregnant boxer that has been abandoned. She is approx 4 1/2 weeks along. As soon as the puppies are old enough to be sayed/neutered, through a rescue they will be avainable for adoption. The mom will then also be spayed. What I need is any info on caring for her until the...
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    Web site of my crew

    Hope this works. Here is a site I made of my family. The pups at the bottom are ones that we are fostering.
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    Sweet Dreams Dreyfuss

    My sweet Dreyfuss left us and went to the bridge on March 22nd. He had only been here for a week. He is the 12 year old boy that we had adopted. He had been severly neglected and hadn't gotten the medical attention he needed and by the time we got him, it was to late. He had advanced...
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    Need help with transport

    I have never done a transport before. We are adopting a boxer and need to find out how to do a transport to get him here. He is located in Carolina,WV near Bridgport and we live in Maryvill,Tn. If anyone can provide me any info or can help me set this up, I would greatly appreciate it!!!!!
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    Starting obed. and agility

    We start obedience class with Lily on the 26th. We are thinking about going into agility after that. My 10 year old son is wanting ot do the agility with her. Is that possible? He has shown great interest in it. We have a great agility club real close to us. That's where we are taking...
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    New to the board and wanted to stop by and introduce myself. My name is Victoria. I have a wonderful husband and two sons. We are owned by 2 boxers girls. They are both white. Lily is 5 months old and Harley is 2 months old. They are the light of my life. Enough about me, just excited to...