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  1. Mega's Mom

    No Pull Harness

    Does anybody have any recommendations for a no pull harness? I have always used the Easy Walk Harness but for some reason I cannot get it adjusted to fit Jester. He's good walking on his own but when I walk them together, it's a train wreck. LOL
  2. Mega's Mom

    The Wonder Twins have a new name ...

    the Mayhem Monsters. eekicon I'm on my 3rd remote, my backyard looks like one giant dirt mound, and now Ravenna has learned to open the sliding glass door on the TV stand. Yep, you guessed it, she now thinks DVDs are chew toys. She's really the instigator - Jester just goes along for the ride...
  3. Mega's Mom

    The Wonder Twins are 2!!

    Happy Birthday to my babies, Jester and Ravenna! Cookies and a pumpkin muffin to celebrate this morning and new toys this afternoon.
  4. Mega's Mom


    Just another day of boxer nosiness!
  5. Mega's Mom

    ARGH - Chicken meal in everything

    Oy. I'm trying to find a lower cost alternative to Fromm now that I am feeding two babies. I'm pretty sure Jester is allergic to chicken so I'm trying to find a food base without chicken. I looked into TOTW and Blue Buffalo grain free but a lot of their other-protein based foods have chicken...
  6. Mega's Mom

    Grooming Table Size

    Do any of you use grooming tables for your boxers? If so, what size do you all have? There is a Groupon deal that I am looking at and I'm not sure what size to buy. Thanks!
  7. Mega's Mom

    Girly Girl

    Oh no ... I have a "girly girl" on my hands. It was barely snowing/sleeting/raining this morning and Miss Dainty Ravenna refused to go #2 this morning. I had her running out with Jester and took her on a leash twice. No go. And she even had a coat on!! It's supposed to stop this afternoon...
  8. Mega's Mom

    Meet: The Wonder Twins

    We got Jester's sister, Ravenna, this morning. She is very sweet and they are soooo cute together. Let the fun begin!
  9. Mega's Mom

    And then there were 2 ...

    So, as some of you know, I adopted Jester back in August. Well, I have been in contact with the breeder (as she still shows him) and now we are getting his sister!! She knew that I eventually wanted a playmate for him and she suggested his sister (same litter). She is a little mini-me version...
  10. Mega's Mom

    It's that time of year again - Dog Coats?

    So, it's getting a little chilly and I'm wondering what everyone uses for dog coats. Cornelius had a Fido Fleece but I don't see any new ones I like for Jester. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  11. Mega's Mom


    This is Jester's imitation of Batman. It's even better when you can't see his eyes (just the top of his head and ears). lol
  12. Mega's Mom

    Bucking Bronco

    That's Jester's new nickname. He's crated when I go to work. So at lunch time I come home, he's waiting patiently. But as soon as I put my hand on the lock to get him out, he starts. Pawing and bucking. I swear he looks like one of those bulls in the rodeo! I really need to get a video of...
  13. Mega's Mom

    Boxers in Hartford County, CT

    Hi All ~ Any boxers babies in Hartford County? Jester is looking for some playmates! He has a big fenced in yard to get some good boxer burns in. Let us know!
  14. Mega's Mom

    Fromm - Beef Frittata and Veg

    I'm currently feeding Jester Fromm's Beef Frittata and Veg. He's had some tummy issues but this seems to be working. My question is should I be adding Digestive Enzymes to this food? I believe Fromm already has some probiotics in it. Is too much probiotics a bad thing? I also add a dollop of...
  15. Mega's Mom

    Happy 1st Birthday, Jester!

    My boy is 1 year old today! He got a gourmet cookie tray, in the shape of a bone, filled with yummy doggie treats. As soon as I gave it to him, he ran away and tried to hide it. He eventually came back so I could open it for him!! He also got some new toys but we're saving those for later so we...
  16. Mega's Mom

    Oh, Jester

    We recently moved into anew house in April and one of the selling points was a peach tree (not that I really cared). Well anyway, Jester was up at 5:30 throwing up. Come to find out he threw up a peach pit. I know they are dangerous to dogs. Needless to say, we no longer have a peach tree...
  17. Mega's Mom

    Meet Jester!

    Many of you know that I lost my boy Cornelius from complications related to DM back in April. I didn't think I would ever be able to get another dog, let alone a boxer. And then I kept getting this little nagging feeling that something was missing. So, I started my search, contacted breeders...
  18. Mega's Mom

    Finding a Breeder - Etiquette

    Some of you may know that I had help my boy Cornelius to the Bridge back in April. I didn't think I'd ever be ready for another dog but here I am. I miss the routine, the silliness, the companionship, etc. Anyway, I went to a dog show last weekend and talked to Cornelius' breeder - they are...
  19. Mega's Mom


    I sent my sweet boy to the Bridge on Wednesday night. He was diagnosed with DM about a year and a half ago. He was a trooper throughout but in the last few months, it got the better of him. He was "the bestest boy in the whole wide world" (I used to tell him that everyday). I hope he is boxer...
  20. Mega's Mom

    Griding Teeth?

    I "think" Cornelius has started to grind his teeth. I hear crunching noises when he closes his mouth. He's eating and drinking just fine. Usually I hear it when he's resting on his dog bed. I took him to the vet and he said that he didn't think it was grinding but that he has enlarged/extra...