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    12 weeks post TPLO (Torn ACL Surgery)

    TPLO Experience Our experience w/ the TPLO for the most part was a positive one. The first 8 weeks are nerve wracking because you have to try and keep your boxer quiet. Our Maggy is super energetic and playful to begin with and she felt like she was ready to run around way before it was time...
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    12 weeks post TPLO (Torn ACL Surgery)

    Maggy had her TPLO surgery October 23rd and is still occassionally limping from time to time..Today we took Maggy for her 12 week x-ray and the vet said that though the bone was completely healed (GOOD NEWS!) there was significant swelling, so AFTER 12 weeks of kenneling and restrictive activity...
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    Needed Orthapedic Surgeon In Southern Md/dc Area

    My Maggy had a torn ACL and had to have TPLO surgery..We are in Colorado so I guess I can't recommend anyone over in your area but just be sure the orthopedic surgeon has lots and lots of experience. That is the most important thing besides keeping them quiet for 3-4 months after the TPLO...
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    boxer as checked baggage?

    We drove from Florida to Colorado with our Maggy and she did just fine. I think if you have time and can be flexible, stopping every few hours at rest stops can really break up the trip and make it more enjoyable. You can take your baby to go potty and on a short walk, we would stop for about...
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    Stewie (and Cleo's) introduction from Montana

    Welcome!! My Maggy had the TPLO back on October 23rd, 10 weeks ago. When or if Cleo has the TPLO surgery done and you have any questions about our experience please feel free to ask. I have found it has been so helpful to hear about other's experiences with the TPLO. It is a long healing...
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    2nd boxer - male or female?

    Can't wait to hear how it goes! Good luck to you :)
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    Eye boogers

    Eye Gunk My Maggy will occassionally have eye discharge and I'll take a warm washcloth and wash her eyes out very gently. Also, there was one time it was yellowish and rather thick so I knew that this was most likely an infection so I ended up taking her to the vet and she was prescribed...
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    Update..Please post weight and age of your dog

    Maggy is 4 years old and is normally 62 pounds but she had surgery back in October (TPLO) for a torn ACL and has lost weight, she is now 58 pounds. She doesn't have an ounce of fat on her body
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    TPLO Question

    Maggy had her 6 week xray today and the vet said that she is right where she needs to be at 6 weeks. The bone is healing, thank the Lord! We will return toward the end of January for her 12 week xray. I did mention how she was limping a bit and he said he thought she looked really good so I'm...
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    10 year old Buster has Lymphoma :-(

    So sorry to hear about your Buster.. Hope the visit with the oncologist goes as well as it possibly can! We will say a prayer for your sweet Buster! Take care!
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    Madison - Memories of Tour

    Congratulations on your new baby boxer :)
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    Welcome from Maggy and me :)
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    New Member

    Welcome from Maggy and me :)
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    TPLO Question

    Thank you! We will definitely go get a prescription tomorrow! May I ask how long it took for your boxer's bone to heal from the TPLO? From what I've read it really varies, some say 8 weeks some say 6 months! Good luck w/ your boxer and his hips!!!
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    What are the chances?

    My boxer had TPLO surgery 5 weeks ago, and about 2 weeks ago she developed 2 growths on her back. We hope they are not cancerous :( She is only 4 years old but if you ask if she is worth it we would definitely say YES!! Every day with her is precious to us! She truly enriches our lives :) We...
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    TPLO Question

    My Boxer Maggy had TPLO surgery on her right hind leg. We only gave her an anti-inflammatory, Deramaxx for 2 weeks post TPLO. My question is, are there any boxer moms or dads that had TPLO done on their boxer and if so, how long did they give the anti-inflammatory? It has been 5 1/2 weeks and...
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    Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!!

    Thanks! Thanks for the welcome :) I'm trying to learn how to navigate through all the different threads. I'm finding a lot of the threads relating to questions I have are closed. Oh well, hopefully I will learn. Thanks again!!
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    Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!!

    I own a 4 year old Boxer named Maggy and I just discovered Boxer World! I was researching other Boxers who have gone through the TPLO (Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy) and this wonderful website appeard. I am hoping to retrieve information regarding this surgery and moral support from other...