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  1. SweetCody

    We lost my Sweet Cody

    Thank you for all the kind words. The house is so quiet. ....... I miss my sweet boy.
  2. SweetCody

    So much for a lazy Sunday morning.

    Sending you many thoughts and prayers, I sure hope that Arabella will come through this with shining colors. Her antics always made me think of my Aniah, full of spunk and sass.
  3. SweetCody

    We lost my Sweet Cody

    We lost my precious Cody this morning. He thankfully passed peacefully in my husbands arms. He had a wonderful day yesterday, playing with his blue ball, his most favorite toy in the world. He started hurting really bad late last night, we had some left over tramadol from Aniah's knee surgery...
  4. SweetCody

    So much for a lazy Sunday morning.

    Sending vibes that the benadryl works great and no need for surgery. Sending prayers that her heart is fine.
  5. SweetCody

    My dog has lymphoma......

    Thanks for the kind words. Yesterday we took him to the vet and they said the stomach could be cancer or could be just a sore tummy. They have decreased his prednisone and added an antibiotic and prilosec. Yesterday afternoon was good. He was alert and interested and he even greeted me at the...
  6. SweetCody

    One can only hope...

    I saw this the other day and it made me tear up. Dogs are such wonderful souls. Sniff
  7. SweetCody

    My dog has lymphoma......

    Hello everyone. I have been absent from boxerworld for many years now, life just gets in the way. My poor sweet Cody has been diagnosed with lymphoma. He is coming up on 9 years this October and I am a little worried that he might not make it. We have opted not to do any chemo as the doctors...
  8. SweetCody

    Thor is hungry and he is telling me about it

    Oh he suffers so :lol: . Too funny, needed a good laugh and this was just the ticket. Thor looks good.
  9. SweetCody

    Weight loss update

    You look absolutely radiant. Your smile shines through your eyes. Thanks for sharing......and as always many ~~~~weightloss wiggles~~~~coming your way from Cody and Aniah. :lol:
  10. SweetCody

    What to do with my 9 month old boxer! LONG Reading Sorry :(

    :lol: This is us big time. We got Cody.......perfect angel, wonderful could you ask for anything better. We felt we had to get another, because if one is word two must be the best thing ever. Enter Aniah, spawn of Satan, devil's child evilicon .....but so pretty you...
  11. SweetCody

    Kindred Spirits :-)

    I too love watching boxers play with each other. I will always own two from now on. Just keep in mind boxers are noisy and when you get two playing it sounds as if they are about to kill each other. However the noisier they get, the more fun they are having.... ;)
  12. SweetCody

    We made the front page!

    Bella is such a cutie pie...and I think her sweaty nose adds pizazz :lol: .
  13. SweetCody

    Hawaiian Collars

    OOOOooo I love the pink one. I need to go to Hawaii just to get one of those for my princess :lol:
  14. SweetCody

    Happy Birthday Lone Star!

    It never is :( . Star sounds like she was a wonderful girl. She is no doubt still watching over you and the other pups from the bridge. Happy Birthday sweet angel Lone Star angelicon .
  15. SweetCody

    This too shall pass, this too shall pass....

    Oh my how I feel your pain. Aniah is the devil evilicon plain and simple. We have trained her the same as Cody no difference at all in their upbringing. Cody is just short of being an angel and Aniah is just bad. She has gotten much better over the three years that we have had her but she...
  16. SweetCody

    Zelda and Link looking puzzled

    Just Precious lovicon . Love their cute. Thanks for sharing :)
  17. SweetCody

    Bariatric Surgery

    I am amazed by have truly done so amazing. Keep it up. Rock on Girl.
  18. SweetCody

    Arabella and Thor on Easter Vacation

    They look ever so snuggly piled up on that sofa in the RV :) I love the one of Thor kissing on your sweet lovicon .
  19. SweetCody

    Dino & The Space Hopper

    Too cute....I just love the smile on your little boys face in the last picture. Precious lovicon