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  1. superruben

    Happy Birthday Ruben!!

    Happy birthday to my baby boy! He turns 3 today, gosh it doesn't seem like we have had him that long! We couldn't ask for a better dog.
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    I posted pictures of Zeus and Ruben in my photo gallery. Check them out!
  3. superruben

    Zeus has parvo

    Well we had to take Zeus to the vet this morning. He threw up last night and would not eat or play this morning so we went ahead and took him in the be tested and it was positive. He has only threw up twice and hasn't had diareaha yet so we caught it early. The vet said usually he has about a...
  4. superruben

    New addition

    Well we finally added another boxer to the family yesterday. He is white with a fawn ear and a fawn spot on his butt right above his tail. Last night was rough, I was questioning my sanity over starting over with a puppy! LOL I do have a question though. Ruben (who is almost 3) will not quit...
  5. superruben

    Evansville, IN area?

    Anyone in the Evansville IN area? I only live about 45 minutes away and I think they are the closest place to likely have a dog park.
  6. superruben

    I'm getting the itch!!

    Some women get the baby itch..well I'm getting the puppy itch. Since we got Ruben I have wanted another. I just think having two would be so much fun. First it was money that stopped me from getting one. I didn't want to get a puppy without knowing that I could meet all of it's needs. Now I'm...
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    Has anyone ever dug a firepit in their back yard? DH and I are thinking about it. Last year my sis bought one of the kind that sits on legs w/ the cover and we loved it. I think we can dig one, and it will be bigger and cheaper. The only drawback is we won't be able to move it and will have to...
  8. superruben

    Ruben's ears

    I know that people have asked about puppys w/ ears that don't lay right, and I know that most of the time they fix themselves, however... My question is once a dog is nearing adulthood (Ruben is 2 1/2 yrs old) is there anything I can do to make his ears lay right? He has natural ears and they...
  9. superruben

    Updaet on neighbor's boxer

    I wanted to update ya'll on the neighbor's boxer (the neighbor died in a Tuesday night). The original post was in the Rainbow Bridge forum because some of the boxers died but I thought since this guy was still alive I should post here. I went to feed him this morning and he is pitiful looking...
  10. superruben

    Horrible night

    Last night our neighbors house burnt. He lost his life as well as his two beautiful boxers. They all die from inhalation of the smoke. I still can't really wrap my head around it.
  11. superruben

    When traveling?

    I went to a vendor show yesterday and was given two free samples of EVO Red Meat. Ruben has been eating raw now for a few weeks and is doing marvelous on it but I was wanting to have some kibble on hand incase we go away for the day and my cousin comes over to feed him, or we go camping and do...
  12. superruben

    Woo Hooo

    Finally a SUPER BOXER! It took me long enough!! LOL!
  13. superruben


    Ruben shedding has improved SO much since we switched to raw, but I still need to find the right type of brush for him. I have tried natural bristle brushes, the rubber kind (supposed to use static) and neither really worked well. Any suggestions?
  14. superruben

    Boxer or Cat?

    Sometimes I swear he thinks he is a cat. Once I found him pearched on my end table sitting like a cat! Of course that was about 20lbs ago, I don't think he could manage it! This is his favorite spot to watch the world go by outside...
  15. superruben

    Belly button

    Ok, I don't know how normal this is but Ruben has a really noticeable belly button. Sometimes the skin around this area gets really red and he chews around it. It has improved a lot since we switched to raw but is still very much pinker than the rest of his skin. Any one else see this on their dog?
  16. superruben

    chicken only

    OK Ruben has been eating raw for a couple of weeks now and is doing GREAT on it. I have a question though, is it OK to stick w/ a chicken diet? Right now he is eating chicken leg quarters, chicken liver, and the occasional can of tuna(in water). Is this a diet I can stick w/ or do I have to...
  17. superruben

    So far, so good!

    Well Ruben has been eating raw for almost a week now and he is LOVING it! We are all very happy with it. I think it's time for a new meat source, he isn't getting as excited about chicken leg quarters as he used to. I have also been feeding chicken liver, but I'm going to call a local slaughter...
  18. superruben

    I did it!!

    I'm so excited! I went to Walmart and bought 2 10lb bags of chicken leg quarters and over a lb of chicken liver. Ruben had his first raw meal for supper just now. He had kibble for breakfast this morning, so I hope that was OK to go ahead and feed him raw. Now I have about 10 lbs of kibble left...
  19. superruben

    Why is my signature dissapearing?

    When I start a topic my sig is showing, but if I post again it is not showing. Does anyone have this same problem?
  20. superruben

    Price of leg quarters?

    My local super market has a special this week on chicken leg quarters, a 10lb bag for 6.90. Is this a good deal? I don't buy much bone in chicken so I really don't know. Thanks,